Something Positive

Having sat through yesterdays debacle of an effort I'm left looking for something positive and I found it.

We finish the final 5 games of the season with Toronto, Ottawa, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. Those 3 teams stink. Yes, we are behind 2 of them I know, but finishing with 4 wins out of 5 isn't out of the question. Of course we'll need some help in the areas of play calling, a return game, 2nd half adjustments, a deep threat, a 3rd and 1 threat and of course hopefully by game 13 the players will have learned what offside means.

It's the CFL, anything can and will happen...see you at Tim Horton's Field in November for the playoffs.

Rearrange the deck chairs boys and girls this ship is taking on water. The other two teams Toronto and Montreal have more upside than Hamilton.

Yes I agree with Montreal but we did beat Toronto, we could have easily beat Montreal yesterday but it's the same old Hamilton they can never run up the score and keep adding the points, when we were 24 we should have added another 24 but for whatever reason the Cats always feel they have enough and start coasting, well they did and they were done.

The Cats are currently in second in the East with a pathetic 2-7 record, we are 5th overall in team defence and points allowed, last in sacks and 7th in offence scoring in a nine team league, the only positive is we still have one game in hand on the other teams and Yes we play the Eastern teams more during this part of the schedule but if we play any team the way we have played other teams and Montreal add a BIG L in the standings.


see you at Tim Horton's Field in November for the playoffs............Why????? Are they going to show it on the Big Screen Jumbo Tron ???? This team doesn't deserve to be anywhere near the playoffs this season,the stupid thing of it is though,is that the East is such a pathetic joke this season and at a sparkling 2-7 record(soon to be 2-8)the Cats are right in the thick of it in the Great Turtle Race of 2014.You want something positive ? How about the fact that the seasons already thankfully half over,and we only have to endure another 9 games of this CRAPOLA that is suppose to pass for professional football here in the East.When you say that Toronto,Montreal and Ottawa all stink,you forgot that the other team in the East also STINKS this year that being the Cats. :x :oops: :cry: :thdn:

Playoffs ???? Playoffs ???? Classic Jim Mora press conference.........

Catritch, Thanks for posting
Despite my disappointment from yesterday,(which was made more difficult because of my elation after the half)
I am still fully on board with this young team,

More positives

Collaros, Gable, Tasker, Ellingson, Madu, Bulcke, Laurent, Breaux, Simoni, Fantuz, Butler, Rico

I believe these guys will get us to the playoffs

Okay,just for fun,I looked at the remaining schedule for the Least Division,and believe or not if my projections are true than the winner of the Great Turtle Race of 2014 and 1rst place finishers are the Turtle-Cats. I'm going out on a limb here and saying that the team goes on a 5-3 tear to finish up the season at an astounding 7-11 record to capture the coveted crown as the best Turtles in a division full of them this year :roll: The Alouetta-Turtles wind up in a tie with the Turtle-Naughts at 6-12 and capture 2nd place by splitting the season series,but somehow scoring more points.The poor expansion R-BLACK Turtles finish up their inaugural season with a lone victory at 1-17. So surprise,surprise even after having such a lousy season as we've had we somehow manage to fall ass backwards into a division title in what has proven to be one of the absolute WORST seasons in the East at least in CFL history :oops: :cry: Now how's that for being POSITIVE :slight_smile:

bobo's projected final finish in the Big Least Turtle Division 2014

R-BLACK Turtles............1-17

GO TURTLES GO !!!!!!!! er I mean GO CATS GO !!!!!! Oh at this stage does it really matter ??? :lol: :o :cowboy:

Bring on the RIDERS see you all Sunday where we will defeat the Riders and still be undefeated at OUR new Home Tim Hortons Stadium.

MTL definately doesn't have more upside. they got lucky last game. Hamilton beat them in every single stat except score. First downs, less penalties, rushing yards, passing yards, total yards, kicking avg.

it will be different next time, they just need to punch the ball in for TD's instead of field goals. and not allow 90 yd special teams TD's

You forgot turnovers, though. You lost the turnover battle. It's hard to win when you give the football to the other team.

I have to admit that I was peeved off yesterday watching this one slip away and found myself doing the blame game on Austin and the d and the fumbles especially but after sitting back, it's all about making the playoffs and with the weak east division this year, anything is very possible with the Cats team. Montreal I expect to be on top of the east when the season is over, they look pretty good.

I also must admit I do feel a bit happy for Crompton getting a win with his ex-fiance passing away from cancer and I feel for him actually. Unfortunate it came at the expense of the Cats but in the end, football is just a game and I hope I am able to see other things about a game than just a loss in the standings.

Another positive is MTL has Higgins which puts them at a big disadvantage
Conceding a single at the end of the half on Medlocks punt,
combined with taking a knee at the end of the game when more points could be scored against us is puzzling.
A potential 4 points squandered against a east division rival when the first tiebreaker is points against each other
could cost MTL a playoff spot in our favour

Yup. You're fortunate that we have an idiot in charge of our football team. :frowning:

So I'm guessing that Good ole Tommy Boy Higgins wouldn't get a vote from you for Coach of the Year ? :lol: Even after the Cats yet again gift wrapped another "Sure Victory" :roll: and dropped it right into his lap. :frowning: I'm thinking that your idiot coach was fortunate to be playing our idiot football team yesterday who have played just well enough to Lose this season in practically every game they've played this year.The good thing is that these two teams finish out the season against one another,and hopefully the Cats will take that one and win it by at least 8 pts. :cowboy:


That's funny! and the REDBLACKS beat the Lions Friday in every aspect on Friday night except the score.

It's too bad they don't award teams points for stats or the old saying "should've could've would've won" scenario.

It came down to half time adjustments for the Als, their QB played good and their receivers made some spectacular catches.
Right now it looks like the Als are going to be the team to beat in the East.

Only if the year were 2003. :lol:

Even after the Cats yet again gift wrapped another "Sure Victory" :roll: and dropped it right into his lap. :( I'm thinking that your idiot coach was fortunate to be playing our idiot football team yesterday who have played just well enough to Lose this season in practically every game they've played this year.The good thing is that these two teams finish out the season against one another,and hopefully the Cats will take that one and win it by at least 8 pts. :cowboy:
I don't think the Cats are composed of idiots. I think in almost every aspect, they have the pieces to be dominant ... EXCEPT for the offensive line, which is a mess and which needs fixing (has needed fixing for years, I think). Drafting quality Canadian O-linemen should be a must this offseason. And maybe we can swing a trade with you guys? You need offensive linemen, we need defensive tackles. We've got the former, you've got the latter. I would love to see Ted Laurent in an Als uniform.

Collaros has been a nice surprise to me. He has played very well these past two games. Better than I expected given his pre-Ticats body of work. He's still got some work to do as he has forced a few passes that were close to being intercepted and against MTL he took off a little to early on a few plays instead of stepping up into the pocket but those are things he can correct.

Most of the others on your list have proven themselves as legit especially Breaux and Simoni. I would ad Brandon Stewart to your list as he has been solid. I know he lost his cool a little this past game but he was solid in coverage and tackling and has been all year.

Madu has been a nice surprise as well. He has run the ball effectively and may have better hands than C.J. out of the backfield. He has had a few fumbles or allowed the ball to be striped from his grasp but I think that is a product of his needing to get into the pro player state of mind. He's practiced a lot but does not have much pro-game experience.

Fumbles, dropped passes, interceptions, missed tackles these are all a part of the game. There is not a player in any league, in football period who hasn't dropped a ball or missed a play. Miscues are going to happen. Get up, dust off, forget and move on. For all the posters on here who say "cut this guy, get rid of that guy, fire the coach" all because of some turnovers, I guess just shut down the team and start over with you finding all of the perfect players that never make a mistake or get beaten, commit a foul or turn the ball over. It's football. These things are a part of the game.

Well when I say idiots,I'm meaning in the way that they have continually taken idiotic penalties and called idiotic plays at the most inopportune times all season,have had an idiot player posing as a QB this season(no names mentioned,looks to #8 and whistles)who is an accident waiting to happen every time he is on the field have an idiot player whose main job is to snap the ball to the QB but seems to think his job is to snap the ball over his head instead,an idiot coach who seems to think that a running game is for whatever reason a waste of time,a bunch of idiot players as a whole who don't seem to realize that a game of football is a game consisting of a full 60 minutes that have to be played.I could go on and on but I think you get my drift :cry: Anyways as the thread title suggests....I think that's about enough for now about "Being Positive" :roll: :wink:

Also towards the end of the game Higgins declined a procedure call against us for no apparent reason. :roll:

This is positive.

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 1m
According to @murraylp & others, #Riders QB Darian Durant won’t play this week vs. #Ticats :rockin:

I agree with, most of what is said here, except the part of cutting. A guy like Masoli has butterfingers and should be cut. Miscues are a part of the game but looking at Masoli's stats, he is definitely not the guy to go to in short yardage or being relied on to hang on to the ball.