Something Positive!

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From: Jeff

As a CFL prognosticator, are the Hamilton Tiger-cats actually going to improve this year?

Answer: Jeff you big stud, thanks for the question. I absolutely love what Bob O'Billovich and the Ticats have done in the off season. First, they made some key additions on both sides of the ball. At the same time, they rid themselves of Casey Printers. `

They beefed up the offensive line with the signing of Alexandre Gauthier. The former Bomber is a 325-lbs Canadian stud who will automatically make the Ticats o-line stronger. I love the signings of linebacker Otis Floyd and defensive end Brandon Guillory. To top it off, the Ticats hired the highly respected Greg Marshall to be their defensive coordinator. So yes Jeff, I think the Ticats will be a much better team than they were in 2008.

Nice to read that.

I've thought that we were not that far off from fielding a decent team. Once the pieces are there and good results are obtained then the Cats can establish some continuity instead of constant coaching and system changes.

It'll be nice to get into that groove.

I have said from the beginning that the Cats are an 8-10 win team. With Winnipeg doing who knows what and the Argos doing their own thing, the Cats have a chance to be second in the East and host a playoff game.

Although, it wouldn’t shock me with another 3-5 win season. A big ? is still the d-line for me. Except for Guillory, we are very inexperienced there. If the other guys can’t pick up the slack, then Guillory will be double teamed all season long.

I think now is the time to let the starters on our team develop a little bit further over the next few years as we start to develop descent back ups. I am not 100% sold on the backups that we have but I am positive that our starters will be fine.

The Cats will be a better team. I hope that we stick with QP for more than a few games. I hope we don’t fire another coach this year. I want some stability on this team. This is my 4th year as a season ticket holder and this is already the 4th coach and 3rd #1 starter that I have seen.

Im not a Ti-cats fan but it seems to me that they are moving in the right direction.I see they could have great season.And your right,whats up with the Bombers?

All right!

Some guy on one of the internetz said we're going to be better, so it must be true!

I'm going to dig up my parade hat!

I think your Cats will be better. How much better? That’s anyone’s guess. But with a better O-line, a good defensive coordinator, and cap space to spend on talent with Printers’s departure, Hamilton can’t possibly be worse than last year, especially since both Winnipeg and Toronto are rebuilding.