Something positive to keep in mind about Guelph

There has been a lot of fan drama over the team playing in Guelph. A few have even threatened to abandon their fan status with the team. This is obviously a concern to the team and the loyal fan base.

My guess is that for every “fan” the team loses they will gain several new fans from the Guelph experience. Many people from the Guelph area that would never think to attend a CFL game in normal circumstances will happily take the plunge when it’s a short car or bus ride away.

The point is that even if some “fans” do actually abandon the team I believe the Ticats will come out the other end with more fans than they went into the season with. I might even be tempted to fly to Ontario this year to take in the unique experience of a Ticat game at the U of G.

My impression is that the Ticats won't lose a lot of fans in the long run. No doubt 2013 is an anomaly, but I'm sure the new stadium in 2014 will attract new Hamilton fans too and with only 22,5000 seats, they should sell out.

And come 2014, with the new stadium and Ottawa coming back, 2013's struggles will be long forgotten.

All fair points.

The stadium capacity was bumped to 24,000 because that is the new CFL minimum capacity rule. They are obviously making an exception for Guelph because it's not permanent.

Not that it's a big deal, but I think they say 24,000 with the added suites and on field tents and such. I like to refer to the bums in the stands

That may be true but I think of capacity as more tickets sold and eyes on the field.

A CFL minimum capacity rule??? when was that ever announced?

I’m pretty sure it was implemented just after Montreal’s stadium was upgraded to 25,000 a couple years back. It is an official rule though. The rule is 24,000 minimum permanent seats.

Something new for all players in 2013 is the minimum salary was bumped from $41,000 up to $45,000. A decent raise.

Unrelated but not really worth it's own thread.

Minimum salary was increased by $1,000 a year,since end of 2009.

2010: To $42,000
2011: To $43,000
2012: To $44,000
2013: To $45,000

A total 9.76% increase.


But if the new contract with TSN involves more money, then you can expect the players demanding much more. The players union will expect more than a $1,000 increase if the teams receive a million plus each more from the new deal.

The new TV agreement-beginning in 2014-between CFL and its Players/Union definitely includes much more monies to Teams and Players. How much? That is the question. I expect something like/no less than $2.0 millions more per Team and roughly 50% of this increase going to Players.

I expect the 2014 minimum players salary to be in the vicinity of $48,000 and roughly $57,000 once the agreement expires, most probably in 2018.


This thread is really getting off the rails and is now not at all about the original post/topic. Sorry I mentioned the pay raise.

Can we now get back to the topic of the positives that Guelph will bring to the team. It's a bit stunning how one point or post can throw a whole thread off topic.



I see that the Ottawa fans at "Renegade Nation" are organizing a trip to Guelph for the July game against Winnipeg. They have about a dozen signed up and they are planning it as their first road trip with their new colours and logo. "Redblacks"??

Very cool.

Good to see Ottawa fans taking an interest on the lead up to 2014. I imagine the absence of football in a year they were supposed to have it is stressful.

I imagine finding Ticat tickets will be like hunting for gold in 2013 since the best case scenario for capacity is half that of what Ivor Wynne was.

Sorry about the derail again, Zenstate, but Red/Blacks, what a stupid name. Surely, someone in Ottawa could come up with a better name.

There are a lot of "stupid names" out there, "Argonauts, Eskimos, Stampeders, I'm sure if we had a chance we would re-name these teams too. But the "RedBlacks", if that's going to be the name will catch.
Cincinatti has a team called "The Reds".
I hope the Ottawa fans are welcomed at Guelph, no matter what their name will be.

As someone posted, TiCats tickets this season will be like gold: there will not be an empty seat at Alumni Stadium. The good citizens of Guelph are pumped about the Cats playing in their backyard.

If all the season ticket holders renew then there won't be tickets for fans from Guelph or the group coming from Ottawa for the July game. So normally you hope that all your season ticket holder renew but this year they must be hoping that thousands don't renew.

I don't know about gold, but I'm sure they will be close to selling out all the tickets.

I am sure they are more then a little disappointed they could not sell out all the games by this point.

I just put my season ticket deposit in (have never been a ST holder before) and the only reason I did was they sent me an email.

Tickets available at every level too. I think this says the response is a lot lower then they were expecting. I would have for sure thought all the tickets would be gone by now.