Just the latest in the real possibility of Quebec City, but not with this Marche lady who has been linked to the CFL for years, but this other QC man who has been in contact with Larry Smith is very interesting.

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F... She's hot. I've heard of her before but I can't remember where... Very cool.


I agree with Larry Smith on this one. Why are both of these groups after a franchise when there's NO STADIUM!?!? Even supposing they got their wish and were awarded a franchise, what exactly do they plan to do with it?? There's no place to play. I don't know how much money this lady has, but she's not local and that should worry the CFL. Bellamare is local, but doesn't appear to have much money. Perhaps these groups ought to get together???

We'll see if anything comes out of that hippodrome thing, that seems like Quebec's best hope for a stadium now.

If they ever get a stadium I say go with the Hot MILF with money :slight_smile:

Yeah that appears to be the stumbling block, the stadium. However, they are starting to make progress in that front. I'm very intrigue to see what the Provincial government will do come time to back (or not) a stadium proposal.

And yet another reference saying the Argo's are up for sale and yet another
total denial by Cynamon.

Judging from that coat she is wearing it does not appear as if she supports the EU ban on the
seal hunt. Screw the politics, I wonder if she is in the market for a pool-boy? 8)

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Another article from the Gazette. I really look forward to seeing the if and when a new stadium is built, to see the Quebec Voyageurs play the Montreal Alouettes at an expanded Molson Stadium on Labour Day. I guess we can all dream..

Born in Montana...I think that says it all. She's out to do the CFL harm :thdn:

On top of that she's wearing fur?? :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

If Montreal plays their Labour Day Classic with QC, where does that leave Ottawa...vs BC? :expressionless:

interesting read.
i hope these 2 can co-exist, get the stadium built and get a team.

sure...BC doesn't play a true geographical rival currently, so it doesnt make a big difference to them.

QC vs Montreal could easily pack 50K into the Big O for labourday.
ottawa vs montreal wouldnt be able to do that.

how bout, after packing 50K into the Big O on labourday for Montreal vs QC, the following week ( labour-day re-matches ), the Als play ottawa?

The Mayor is looking at redeveloping the hyppodrome
Bellemare's knows the lay of the land and has done his homework with Smith
Saint-Marche has the money
The league is interested
The fan base is ready

All that's needed is putting people together and pushing. Where is Cohon ? Get on this.

No kidding. Cohon should really be moving on this. The timing seems to be right in just about every sense. Saint-Marche wouldn't need government money, Bellemare would provide the local connection, the fans want it, instant rivalry with the Alouettes -- what's not to like?

I may be in a shrinnking minority, but I have nothing at all against the wearing of it actually.

I did a little digging on Saint Marche, she either has enormous private wealth or she is fake.

Her web presence for her "clothing line" was established in 2001 via a law firm in Calgary wasn't touched since then. There is a mail server attached to it and its hosted in Vancouver.


She has a company setup in London via a law firm, similar setup in Montreal. Her son is attending Bishop University. There seems to be a connection with Wally Buono via his CJFL award so someone knows who this women is. But couldn't find anyting that points to the woman being able to make a 40 million dollar donation to a University. Nothing on the husband who is referenced as Richard, Cros, Johnnie !

So eihter they go through tremendous pain to keep their enormous wealth quiet or she is a nutbar....

Or maybe the CFL is trying really hard to get a team in there and so has gone out and found a ringer to help make it happen.

Considering she help raise the price of the Calgary franchise last time. It certainly seems plausible. She has a company registered in Calgary as well, again the address is that of the incorporating law firm 1919B-4th Street SW ,Calgary, AB T2S 1W4
The whole thing was setup on the 8th of October 2001, the same exact date that Feterik agreed to buy the team ...isn't that a special coincidence. There are a bunch of things that are "ringing"...