Something I just realized today

I cant think of a single other QB who played for sask during Lancasters yrs.

I also have no idea who took over after Lancaster.

All I can remember between Lancaster and Austin is Barnes, Hufnagal, Adams and I think Paopao.

Can anyone name any or all of the sask backups to Lancaster??

Some guy named Sanders backed up Lancaster. Cant think of his 1st name. Another Riders qb after Lancaster was Tom Burgess. He had 2 or 3 good years. He was before Austin.

If you are thinking losing Burris hurt us you are right. It hurt us a lot. Nealon Green instead of Burris. What were we thinking? Losing Burris and keeping Barrett are why Shivers is not here. Shivers did a lot of good things. But not finishing 1st or 2nd place in west even 1 time in 6 years got Shivers. If Shivers had kept Burris he is still our gm.

I don't remember Ronnie's backups, but by the early 80's, we got into this habit of recyling old QB's from somewhere else - Burgess, Clements, Barnes, Paopao, Hufnagel. Interspersed in there were the inevitable 1-game wonders that awful teams always seem to attract - Danny Saunders, Cocaine Joe Adams, Homer Jordan and countless others that I've now blessedly seemed to have forgotten.

Heck, by these standards, the Reggie Slack/Nealon Greene years were our halcyon days.....

Speaking of 0 game wonders...don't forget former Heisman winner Tony Rice!! Maybe he won the Heisman for his record-breaking coke habit.