something I just noticed

I dont know if this is news to anyone else, but if I remember right, during the first half of the season, there was talk of the East finally being stronger. With the wins by ed and cal, the west is back on top again. :thup:

The "East" is only weaker at the moment because of Winnipeg. Want 'em back? :wink:

Calgary 12
Sask 9
Edm 7
B.C. 7
= 35

Montreal 12
Hamilton 9
Toronto 8
Winnipeg 4

= 33

ya it's 2 more.

and when cal and bc win next week, it will be 4 more.

Hey wait a minut... ohhh... it's true :frowning:

Considering 3 of the 4 teams we've beaten so far are from the West, I doubt it.

well, I dunno about B.C...

Calgary? yes.


I was hoping no one would notice that.

I think to truly measure this you have to take the divisional games out of the equation and have it only be east teams vs west teams. I am not about to go through and do that though.

Um, they have two more wins. I thought that's what the OP was talking about: head-to-head wins and losses. Anyway, the tally is:

West 16-14
East 14-16

Last week of the season is Calgary at Winnipeg and BC at Hamilton. West probably comes out ahead, but anything can happen.

It's really quite simple. Just subtract the division games from the overall record. :smiley:

You don't need to. The CFL keeps track of West vs. East. You can download it their stats here.

[url=] ... 102720.pdf[/url]

except of course, they are not up to date yet, as expected.

They're only a week behind. It's easy enough to add 1 in the appropriate places to figure how the East fares against the West and vice versa.

oh I know that. I am just noting further cfl.camrx incompetence, which runs rampent. The NFL would be updated within minutes.

I think the big gain the East made this year is no crossover. It would be foolish to expect complete parity between the divisions after years of the West being clearly superior. But at least now we can have a conversation about the East being competitive without cracking up.

hey did you get here. I can't seem to find it. I've tried to look up league stats before, and can't seem to find them anywhere. I would suggest the league have their own drop down menu under 'stats'

I don't see BC beating Hamilton and Calgary beating Winnipeg in Winnipeg in a meanless game is not a lock either.

calgary has stumbled too much in the last half of the season. They need not only to win, but to win convincingly to gain more confidence as a team. Not a meaningless game for them at all.

Will hamilton rest any starters is the question for their game. What will there mindset be, will they be too busy looking ahead to toronto.

I agree if hamilton brings their A game, it should be a win for them, but......

I took a left at Albuquerque.... :wink:

Click on the Stats link from the homepage. A menu drops down. Click on 2010. After that page loads, click on "Download PDF".