Something I just noticed yesterday

Has anyone else noticed the following.

When I hit reply to someone's post, it always includes quotes except for the last post. I guess it makes sense that if you are replying immediately to someone else's post, no quote is required. It had me confused for a while though.

Yes I noticed it as well it's nice and efficient now with less repetition .

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Yeah, that's an actual purposeful setting. I am not entirely sure it's the right setting (I like consistency) but it is nice that it doesn't quote the post that's directly above yours.

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Thanks for posting this thread. I thought I was doing something wrong because sometimes the quote would appear, and sometimes it would not. Makes perfect sense now.

This sounds like a great modification in the fix then. Thank you Sully. FYB please don't break it again. :slight_smile:

beginning to sound like you just don't want me to have any fun Paolo. :slight_smile:

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Bwah ha ha you did mention you were having fun with family at home though so by all means of course!