something I havent heard yet

for people who consider themselves neither male not female, how should we refer to them.

he, she, what?

him, her, what?

If I tell you how I refer to them, it would be deleted immediately. The truth is not well accepted.

How about ‘IT’ ?

‘They’ I believe is the correct term, think anyways but not absolutely sure.

Grammatically, I think ‘it’ works best.

I don’t like “they” because that word indicates plural.

Plural Pronouns:

Where are Kevin and Dan? They are at the park.

Where are Betty and Veronica? They are at home.

Where are the two non-gendered people? They are at the mall.

Where are the oranges? They are on the counter.

Singular Pronouns:

Where is Kevin? He is at the park.

Where is Betty? She is at home.

Where is my orange? It is on the counter.

Where is the non-gendered person? It is at the mall.

I liked Betty better than Veronica.

Also, I never again want to hear or read the question " Where are the two non-gendered people ?"…AND how can there be two of them? No gender usually means no mating. :wink:

…I think it’s a matter of whether the person is gender neutral or gender fluid…for someone that identifies as gender fluid, Rose McGowan’s friend Rain Dove for example, then ‘they’ could work as they identify as both genders simultaneously…but for someone gender neutral I guess ‘it’ works, but lacks compassion as the person is graded no differently than the orange…

…I don’t know, I plan on moving to an off grid hunting lodge one day soon so the complexities of this broken world cease to make my head hurt…

And that is exactly why I don’t watch hardly any TV and don’t read the newspapers anymore (except for sports) and it’s why I am moving away from my present location because the city and it’s so called problems ::slight_smile: have surrounded me.

How 'bout by their name?

But does it lack compassion when one refers to two people as “they” in the same way one would refer to two oranges as “they”?

Just my opinion as a bit of a grammar nerd, but I think it would be better to use “it” just as we do “they” for both people and objects and work on the attitude that “it” is somehow cold-hearted, rather than create a new pronoun that could be used in only very limited contexts.

But I’d also like to use “it” for any context in which we don’t know the gender of a singular person.

“Would whoever parked its car in the handicapped spot without a permit please remove its car immediately or face have its car towed at its own expense.” Something like that. :wink:

That’s the solution I prefer, too–specific, respectful.

It should be pointed out, though, that if there’s one poster on this site who has trouble referring to people by their name . . . well, I won’t point out its name but I think you know who it is. :slight_smile:

…oooo, snap

..I don’t know, I plan on moving to an off grid hunting lodge one day soon so the complexities of this broken world cease to make my head hurt...
Yes R&W, right now I'm depressed, my younger sister in her early 50's after a few months battle with stage 4 pancreatic cancer is coming to a close, she's terminal. She is a great person, great mother, etc. and our family is devastated yes, my head hurt's so bad right now. I know what you're saying. Life just doesn't make sense sometimes, it can be just a total dump of shhhhhh.t :(

I just started a brand new religion. It only has one belief… the refusal to use pronouns.

With the new laws about pronouns I think religious freedom is the only method left to legally not use them.

You’re a quadruple blasphemer, cff. :slight_smile:

Hey Aerial, you have my sympathies. My father died 2 weeks ago - same issue. Tough to watch them wither away. He had his sense of humour right until the very end. Life does suck sometimes. Remember the good times. Forgive. Love.

As for this topic… call them what ever they want to be called… He, she, name… just respect the wishes of the person.

I am thinking of both you and Aerial. I know what it feels like to lose someone close because of that cancer. I lost my brother 3 years ago. His battle was the bravest thing I have ever seen. I miss him every day.... Sorry about your father.

that's just it. how do they want to be referred to in the topic context?

From Wikipedia:

Some genderqueer people prefer to usegender-neutral pronouns. Usage ofsingular 'they', 'their' and 'them'is the most common;[32]andze,sie,hir,co, andeyare used as well. Some others prefer the conventionalgender-specific pronouns'her' or 'him', prefer to be referred to alternately as 'he' and 'she', or prefer to use only their name and not use pronouns at all.[33]Many genderqueer people prefer additional neutral language, such as the title'Mx.'instead of Mr. or Ms.

this world is just getting too complicated, sigh

Regardless of anything… there are only two genders.