Something has to happen in Ottawa Soon

We have no Head coach, No QB, Lame-duck G.M. what happens to the rest of the coaching staff,?? man oh man what a mess…

Things certainly have nosedived there in a hurry since Hunt left.

Wonder what happened?

It’s the Schenley effect.


Well its a perfect storm for another 4-14 season, think about it, Coaching wise who the heck would want to throw his hat in the ring here, We had a coach, he quit, that’s gotta tell you something. I have never in my life seen a Head coach Quit. ever. not to mention what QB in his right mind is going to tag along. Its in free falling mode until the G.M. is fired.

That’s what happens when you have an arrogant, smug G.M…He’ll move up Thorpe from defensive co-ordinator to head coach, that is unless Thorpe doesn’t want it.

I totally agree with you, no other option and as you mention maybe he won’t want the gig.

…the BC Lion’s fans are going to be really upset you stole their topic…

LOL, But…there Coach didn’t quit, and i think that’s the big difference IMO,

I don’t think Campbell really quit. The organization agreed to let him say that publicly, but in practical terms he was fired.

The Redblacks do need a big change for next season, and a new coach will bring that to some extent. And with the way free agency works these days, significant roster turnover is becoming the norm. So who knows what the starting lineup will look like come June. Perhaps Masoli will be lining up behind centre.

I disagree, It came down to H.C. vs G.M, different approaches to managing players and people in general and if GM was staying then Campbell made it clear he did not want to in the same situation for another year, A Coach is like a Cook, if you give him crappy Ingredients your going to have a crap dinner. just say’n . I do believe if OSAG had to do it again G.M. would get the boot.

I’m definitely not going to be defending the GM moves from this past offseason. The team was gutted and clearly the replacements were not up to snuff.

We saw Hamilton lose their starting RB and QB this season, but they managed to excel nonetheless. I think that’s in part due to coaching and in part due to GMing.


You are absolutely correct, the difference was they had depth, REDBLACKS had none, lol and still don’t. that is another concern going into this year, any candidate for Head coach looks at the lack of Depth and all the other Red Flags, ie: GM and thats why I think they will be forced to hire from with In.

And that’s not good. lol I think the fans in Ottawa are in for another tough year, But I hope I am wrong,

There’s no real reason for optimism now.

But . . .

. . . let’s see come end of February. A lot can change in FA these days . . . just look at how much the Redblacks changed last February! :o

lol, yep they sure did, lol