Something has to change

Ok folks, seems the team decided not to show up today. Defense has no pressure, no coverage and just being blown away. The blitz package with 7 men on line of scrimmage is a dead give away, furthermore they are in to close to see the rush lanes.

KG just loves those 3 to 5 yard passes. Interesting is how close the coverage is that the Eskies have. Yep 5 yard gains. Until KG proves he an go vertical we are going nowhere. If he can't do it , then it is time we got someone who can.

This is pathetic!

The coaching is terrible and the players are uninterested.

This team is regressing and major changes are needed.

How would Thompson and Bradley look in our secondary now?

The guy they kept was Bo Smith?

To those of you coming home from the game, it should be noted that this was posted during the second quarter, as you may have seen from the timestamp on this post.

That says it all about this team's performance.

I have been a Ticats fan all my life and a season ticket holder for the last three along with my son. My daughters friend became a season ticket holder this year. For the first time in my life I left a game before the end of the game. I have probably been to maybe 60-70 games in my life, I like many folks had to make choices over the years as to spending money on going to a limited number of games if at all certain years. I have seen some great and some terrible games but tonight I just couldn't take it. I was certain that after being clobbered in Montreal that tonight's game would be at least competitive and close.

I'm sorry but an middle linebacker who allows a team to run up 230 plus rushing yards is missing something. As much as I think Jason Shivers is week at safety, Ryan Hines was overwhelmed and why move him from corner which he was playing well at. I can only guess that Markeith was hurting a lot more than we knew. I miss you Otis (no I am not saying Otis would have done better though he would have been very vocal about what was going on)

However, scheme or no scheme a Mike has to be able to stop the run at least a little. No pass rush equals to long for dbs to cover and even the teenage football players I help coach would never allow one guy to make 13 catches in one game. As far as the dbs it's simple they need at least a couple of changes to be kind.

I also appreciate loyalty but Quinton Porter needs to be released and someone brought in to push Kevin Glenn. Glenn is the unquestioned starter but we need someone to seriously push him at all times.

Finally, Marwan please get well soon, the o-line seems lost without you. It's hard for A.C. to find a hole at the moment especially when you fall behind early and cannot run anywhere near a balance of pass and run.

Please Jason Jimenez you have got to know the snap count.

Ah, that I have vented I feel so much better.

Agreed the OLine with out Hage was not the same..
Really make thing how good he is ..

I think Medlock will be our Team MVP!!

Can't block.

Can't catch.

Can't tackle.

Can't win.

Get Marshall in here quick. Chamblin's defense is brutal. This system doesn't fit the players, we can't try to fit the players into the system.

Coach Chamblin time has run out for your defensive schemes and I am surprised that others not just myself are calling for a Greg Marshall return wow desperation. I understand the team not wanting to blame the coaches and there schemes. However the goat has been with the secondary the entire year and several releases were made to say we are making changes however you never changed who was playing in the secondary. Now you move people around and it was a failure. Which begs the question why release Hyland he never was given an opportunity to play and why release Francis he played well on special teams and defense he lead the team in tackles in a loss he also has the versatility to play linebacker which if Knowlton could not have gone tonight you would have played Shivers seriously did you not see him play against Montreal last week does he have an incentive in his contract for missed tackles. I am dumbfounded by this organizations inability to admit the problem. It is evident that Corey Chamblin is no Chris Jones and learning from someone does not make you qualified admit this experiment was a mistake and send him on his way.

The only problem with that is that even with Marshall and a completely different defensive scheme, we were still a 9-9 team for 2 years in a row. Same results no matter what.

I think we have painted ourselves into a corner with releasing everyone in the receiving corps with more than a season's experience (except Stala) ..veteran receivers read plays better and get open. Especially on the passrush.

There's nothing wrong with KG's long ball, but you can't go vertical unless you're getting protection. Games are won and lost in the trenches, and tonight the Cats got manhandled on both sides of the ball.

What frustrates me is the lack of consistency from the receivers. That was the knock on McDaniel. I really hope that Grant and/or Kelly can turn the corner. Carter dropped at least one tonight also. Mann goes for long stretches where he doesn't accomplish anything, but just when you're ready to write him off he pulls out a circus catch like his labour day TD. Seems like Williams and Stala are the only solid guys at receiver right now.

Totally agree. The team that dominates the line of scrimmage almost always wins. As in Montreal last week, the O-line didn't get the job done and neither did the D-line. The Ticats can't seem to run between the tackles without Hage in there and Cobourne is not quite quick and fast enough when he's forced to run outside. Dewit may be a good centre eventually but in his fourth year in the league, he's still not nearly physical enough IMO.
There's not much push inside from the D line and Baggs has been invisible lately - seems like he's confused about what his role is. It has to be a major concern to OB and Marcel when they see their O-line and D-line being outmanned this easily.

Marshall is sitting on a 3 year HC contract, I doubt very much that he will be anywhere to be seen for the next couple years.

What happened to Thigpen last night? I only watched part of the first half but didn't really see much of him. How come they don't seem to try him in the backfield much? Or in a two back set.

I'm not sure changing the HC is truly going to help and to change the OC and DC now would be even worse. But I would like to see some imagination in the play calling. It seems we hand off to Cobourne and hope he can drive his way through non-existent openings. Someone on another thread mentioned that AC isn't fast enough to run around the how about Thigen...or Williams?

…for the life of me, I can’t recall if we attempted any bona-fide, full bore blitzes on Ricky Ray

…or did I miss them ?

The season is half over, you are dreaming if you think that there will be any coachings changes this year.
We have to put up with what we got. All this bitching will get you nowhere. I would like to see what Boltus has
to offer, but it won't happen. So just relax and roll with the punches. :cowboy:

Cats fall behind early and by several scores. Game plan changes.

On punt returns this guy is really a non factor. He has fallen into his old ways, poorly positioned, lets ball bounce, and runs sideways. You got to go up field on those returns or most times your getting nothing.

It's the blocking scheme. Usually when he gets the ball there are 3 or 4 defenders in his face. As soon as he catches it you can see he is going nowhere.

wallace wrote:

                 "I'm not sure changing the HC is truly going to help and to change the OC and DC now would be even worse."

 wallace:  It doesn't seem to have hurt Sask.  It did not hurt us either when Marcel took over....the team played better. 

New schemes seem to be the key. The players get motivated when something new comes along after periods of stagnation and losses.
I had high hopes after we started winning this season that we had finally turned the corner with Marcel. Unfortunately I was wrong. Same old.
Time for Scott Mitchell and Obie to re-evaluate. We need to find someone to take us further than we have gone the last three seasons. This is a team that is capable of much better football.
I would bet Scott Milanovich would put a huge fire under this team. Let's make every effort to to get him here asap.