Something Good about last night's broadcast on TSN

The game was played in Toronto.

Once again, various parts of the field were dirt to accomodate Blue Jays' baseball, as has been the case the past few games.

But, refreshingly, NOT ONCE did Suitor or Cuthbert even mention it.

When Rod Black and Duane Forde are there, they can't stop talking about it. . . so it was nice not to have to listen to such drivel.

i dont recall a season where that dirt has been on the field as often as this season.
usually, it happens ONCE per season. this year, it seems every game.

I just got back from the Raider game, where the half the field is dirt until the end of the MLB season.

By the way, the Oakland Raiders make the Argos look like champions. I have no doubt the Argos as they exist right now would lay a woopin' on the Raiders with little difficulty.

It's good that they never mentioned the field in the broadcast. Why bother? What would be the point?, gotta hand it to the Raiders though, they sure keep things interesting don't they...didn't one of their players a couple of weeks ago punch out an assistant coach?....thought I heard that somewhere...I feel for you rpaege, once Davis goes, and someone drives a wooden stake through him to make sure he stays down, things will get better for your team....

^^ I'm surprised his family hasn't forced him into an old folks home yet...

Ummm…that was the HC, punching one of his assistant’s. That’s the Raider nation for ya…and that was positive news in Oakland.

Yah Tom Cable sent an assistant to the hospital. I'm sure Al Davis loved it. Unfortunately, it has made no difference on the field.

That Raider game was a joke, and the Raider play by play guy is annoying. "And the scarying thing about this is, this is the Raider's starting defensive unit." They were getting owned by the Saints friggen 10th stringers (guys who will be cut)