Something for you long time Argo fans....

This is a CBC interview taped on 12/7/69 with former Argo tight end Mel Profit. Some old shots of downtown Toronto as an added bonus. Mel was great in this segment, appearing relaxed and engaging and mentioning how he had made Toronto his year 'round home (I believe he headed back to California though shortly after he was released in '72). He was one of the great characters that Leo Cahill assembled in the late '60s and early '70s.

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Steve Simmons' follow-up several years ago on Mel's whereabouts:

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remember seeing Profit as a young guy with my Dad. Lucky to of seen all of these guys. Cahill understood more than anyone, that this is show business just not football. Use to also go to the Ti-Cat games when we could. Leo sure knew how to work the Hamilton fans and would always get a Bronx cheer from the crowd. It was great for the league.

Cool old vid and I would have been turning seven later that year so I would have been watching cartoons and not that show. WOW that one dude was a real cheery guy. Love seeing the old footage and sweet cars. Liked Profit as a player but that top was horrible.

Great clips for sure. Hard to believe so much time has passed... Best thing about being an Argo fan. So much history... :thup: