Something for the guys.....

Okay, so we are all aware of how much you like to rate the CFL cheerleaders.....well, I stumbled upon this in my travels, and thought I would share it with you.....I apologize for the lack of CFL content, but I couldn't find anything similar containing CFL cheerleaders at Hallowe'en.....enjoy! lieu of thanks, you can send a cash donation to my home address. PM me for my mailing address. No cheques, please..... :smiley:

[url=] ... ent.1.html[/url]

These pictures are what's wrong with society. They portray women as nothing more than a piece of meat. Please send more pictures jm02, preferrably women dressed as nurses, so that I can confirm that I am disgusted!!!

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, cheerleading nurses......

sorry, brain stopped for a minute....


ooooohhhhh.... nurses...


oh me oh my!

Thanks jm02

jm02, you've surprised me, I'm impressed. I'm in love, oops don't tell Mrs Sportsmen.....

....IS THAT ORANGE FEATHERS....that's a different kind of bird.....whoa... to get out of this thread here comes mamazoola.... 8)

That nurse has the face of Michael Jackson.
Are you sure it is not Janet?

The this is this.
Once you see a naked woman,
Ya wanna see all women naked.

I don't know about that ro..... I'm pretty sure there's a couple out there that I would prefer to not see naked.

I actually thought there were better nurse options than the posted one, but that's just my personal opinion.

Once ya see a naked women.
You wanna see more naked women.

it could be an old biker lady with her items down to here.

"you wanna see my ****"

"yeah I do" (drinks a beer)

cringes "ok, that's enough, roll them back up"


I am now in full agreement with your statement ro...

Kanga, I hope that you're not speaking from personal experience.... good thing I didn't eat lunch yet, it might've come back up

nah, just quoting Ron White.

As per Mr's request.....Not nearly the "quality" of other pics (read: outfit not as skimpy - at least, I THINK guys like that kind of stuff.....), but it'll do in a pinch.....

something for the guys...
no reason the ladies can't enjoy the beauty of the female form along with us.

[url=] ... a/0910.jpg[/url]

Thanks jm02!!!!!

wowie, that was a nice site. thanks.