something different!

For a change I don't want to rant about our cats I don't even want to talk football I just want to know what everyone does as a pre-game ritual since Pigskin Pete is gone and there does not seem to be a real replacement effort just a bunch of people who probable never done it before lets get something new scince we are searching for a new identity. so dose anyone have anygood ideas?

I would like to see the Rockettes from Radio City Music Hall, New York City.

I'd even succumb to their Christmas Extravaganza in July.

The warplane flyover every game is kind of new.

The big flag is still kind of new.

The hammer thing is brand new.

Buying Canadian instead of Bud is very new.

I wore a fairly new pair of shorts to the last game, and I might just wear them again.

Who says there's nothing new?

I think they should use a local celebrity should do the opening oski-wee-wee.
The contest winners do nothing for me.

I would like to see sharks with frickin laser beams attached to their frickin heads. Is that too much to ask?

...a thousand monkeys banging away on a thousand typewriters, in the end zone. We can keep them in a dank cage (like that poor old tiger) until the law of averages eventually leads them to type "Argos $uck!"


The problem with the contest winners is that when they do the chant, they are surrounded by too many people and are drowned out by the PA announcer.