Just wanted to drop a quick note to Bomber fans and other teams fans about the release of Santos, why was he released? I still think Santos could be a good QB in the CFL but what ALL CFL fans don't know is the inside story of his release, when asked about the possibility of being on the Bomber's PR about a month ago, Santos pretty much said he is not willing to be on the PR ... Not his smartest move when Lapolice and Mack are trying to put together a group of player's with GOOD attitudes and TEAM FIRST attitudes. DiMichele has alway's been willing to be on the PR until his opportunity comes plus DiMichele has a bigger upside than Santos, that is why AD is still here and Santos is jobless.

I have every confidence in the world in Mack and LaPo and they obviously noticed what most BB fans noticed as well, DiMichele has everything it takes to be a great QB in the CFL. They also see something in Brink that some may have missed, enough to trade a pick for him and release Santos not long after. Also note the most recent QB signings, Sask signs Dinwiddie and Reesing NOT Santos .... Notice no team has made a move on Santos, is there something the GM'S know that the fans missed?

That is why a GM get's paid, to scout/trade/sign the best possible player's and Mack and LaPo chose DiMichele and Brink over Santos for a reason .... it is also great to see Ryan Dinwiddie get another shot, great guy, great teamate and i wish him the best and if he makes the Riders he will be a great guy in the locker room and bench and the Rider fans will see why ALOT of BB fans have a soft spot for Ryan.

Will this be the end for Santos? Probably not, maybe T.O gives him a chance if/when one of there QB'S craps the bed ... I also wouldn't be surprised if Edmonton made a move and released Maas this season that would create another opportunity for the likes of Santos, What about Hamilton? Even many Cat fans have admitted that Porter may get his walking papers this season!! If Mack is right about Brink than we already stole a QB from the Cats!!

Santos will get a chance in Hamilton if all 4 of our current QB's (who were all with Hamilton last year, and who all played well) break a leg.

Not so fast there. . .

Glenn played well, agreed.

Porter? I wouldn't agree that he played well last year. . . I thought he was pretty mediocre, actually, he got pulled a lot when he was starting, and eventually lost his job as the starter. I thought he regressed from his 2008 performance.

Tafralis hardly played, and I don't believe Boltus played a down.

Porter looked like a great big deer caught in the headlights last season. His only success came in garbage games back in 2008 when there was nothing to play for. Same for the other two qb's, not a lick of prime time action.

Glenn is all the Cats got, there is no savior behind him, in fact there is nothing they can rely on to win when the chips are down.

Glenn is the starter, and is good.

Porter is the protoge, and is getting better with experience. Every QB experiences a learning curve. The Ticats are sticking with making Porter the eventual starter.

Tafralis did everything that was asked of him when he saw action last year, and has the confidence of Ticat coaches.

Boltus also played very well in pre-season games last year, and is seen as a good fit for a developmental QB by Ticat brass.

Hamilton does not need another QB.

That’s where we disagree. I agree with what else you said. . . yes Glenn is a good QB (good, not necessarily great mind you). Tafralis yes did everything that was asked of him (which wasn’t very much) and while Boltus may have played well in an exhibition game, who cares, that means dreadfully little in the grand scheme of things.

But I disagree that Porter is 'getting better with experience." I saw precious little of that in 2009. Like I said, I thought his play regressed in 2009 when compared to 2008, which is, of course, the antithesis of ‘getting better with experience.’

Well Porter better start seeing the field a whole lot better than he did last season because if Glenn goes down (which he usually does for 3 or 4 games a season) your gonna need someone who can steel a few games for you, otherwise, it's season over.

just for rivalrys sake id love to see glenn go down in preseason, and have porter continually hand us the ball for td's like he did in that game last year, all the way to a series sweep of the cats, glenn can come back in at the half way point of the season and try to clean up the mess :wink:

man i dont get it.. ticat fans trying to convince bomber fans that glenn is good, maaan, it just will never happen.

but go ahead, tell us bomber fans the ticats are gonna walk all over us but heres the thing.. for all the "bombers suck, ticats rule" chat i see on here, whats gonna happen if/when the bombers whip the cats butts? whats the excuses gonna be cuz i mean, the bombers suck so bad according to many ticat fans... but geesh what happens if u even lose 1 or 2 against tthe "crappy" bombers, whats the excuse gonna be then? the weather? the reffing? cuz i mean looks like according to most ticat fans that the cats are gonna woop the bombers every game they play and thats just not realistic at all. whats the excuses gonna be when u lose to the crap bomber team?

OK, On In Two believe what you want to believe, Glenn is a superstar starter (even though he was here for 5 years and we know all about Glenn), please man who you trying to fool here? You think we don't know how Glenn works, he is a steady QB when he is on his game, but he is known for alot of negative tendencies, slow starts to games/season's and so on ... we lived the Glenn QB game we seen a ton of games where he has come out flat as roadkill for 3 quarter's and then finally getting in a groove in the 4TH QTR, with no defense he would not have won as many games as he has won ... simple fact!!

As for Porter, well we seen a promising young QB in 2008 when he and his teamates were crap and had nothing to lose, last season when the Cats were "improved from previous years" Porter fell on his face when it counted and i recall many Cat fans calling for his head and Calling for a QB change, you got the change, one thing that doesn't change is the fact PORTER WAS HORRIBLE, EVEN THOUGH THE TEAM "IMPROVED", HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN THAT?

Trafilis looked good sneaking the ball on 3RD and short last season .... hmmm ..... so did Santos when he was a Bomber :roll:

And Boltus looked good in pre-season and looks like a great developmental QB ... OK .... so you knock DiMichele and Brink when we say they are 2 great QB prospects, okay when push comes to shove you are actually stating that Boltus is more promising than DiMichele and Brink (cause our young guns suck, right?) .... Please last season LeFors, Randall, Williams all played good in the pre-season for us, where are they now? Other QB'S that played well in pre-season games for us in the past Killian last year was probably the best QB in the pre-season, didn't even make the team, Tee Martin, you get my point? Remember when Hamiltons future star Timmy Chang played good in the pre-season (against the Bomber's in 2008), where is he? I think you get my point!!!!!!

In fairness, if Bomber fans can be high on Dimichelle and Brink, which you are, then on in two (great handle, btw) can be high on Boltus. There's no difference between any of the three that fans would notice. In fact, if Dimichelle were traded for Boltus, both sets of fans would claim the other team got raped in the deal.

There is no better player in the CFL than a QB who has yet to throw a real pass....

Our ball, our rules, at least in here.

And 'number two' has really been tuning up his trolling motor of late.

I honestly can't stand the thin-skinned whining and baseless pipedreaming of Bomber fans. It's nauseating. Consequently, I am voluntarily not going to post on this forum again.

Even the mod is a baby when his team is fairly criticized!

i don't know why the concept was so difficult for you.

Trash the Bombers all you want on the TiCat forums.

Just don't do it here.

What's so difficult about understanding that??

You want honesty, well if you hadn't come across as such as dick from day one, maybe folks in here wouldn't react to you like they do.

There are posters from just about every other board in here, who can carry on a civil discussion, without it deteriorating to some kind of pissing match all the time.

You have nobody to blame but for yourself for the reactions you get in here.

If you want to leave go, no one is going to miss you.

Come back when you grow up and can actually carry on a civil discussion about football, you might like it.

You should have had a little more respect in another guys house, two and gone........sooooo in retrospect...thank gawd youve made the right decision....back to the kitty litter my boy........ and we'll see who the pipe-dreamer is, in not too short a time... :lol:

It's the Bomber fans fault for having such a good forum.

Look at Calgary - they haven't had a post in 15 days, so they never seem to have any problems.

Bottom line is On in Two comes crawling into our forum with stupid a$$ comments, remarks and Bomber Bashing. Fact is he comes in here all the time with the "INTENT" to bash EVERY single comment a Bomber fan makes and there is no respect for anyone like that on any teams forum, including our forum. Even some Ti-Cat fans have said that On in Two has no credibility and one even mentioned that On in Two makes ALL Ti-Cat Fans look like buttholes, and we are supposed to treat on in two with respect when he cannot even gain the respect of his own forum.

Fact is he is a CONTANT troller who does nothing BUT bash EVERY Bomber fans comments, call us whiners and whatever, there is no basis for that comment "all Bomber fans are whiners, even our mod". Please man take a hike no one on here will miss you. We responded in an honest manner to your QB comment and it was 100% honest based on facts, common sense and first hand knowledge, if you Can`t handle the heat, stay out of the fire out in two!!

Well whaddaya was my birthday yesterday and even On in two is giving me a gift! :lol:

I am definitely not looking to troll, but I do find it somewhat amusing that a player is the second coming of Christ as long as he's a Bomber but suddenly becomes a reject with character issues as soon as he's cut. :lol: