Something a little lighter maybe...

What are you most enjoyable grey cup wins and which ones leave the most bitter taste in your mouth.

The good ones

1966 - first yr I really got into it. First game on black and white tv. Cheered for the white team, the riders. Cheered for them all the way to the win.

1994 - what a great playoff ride by the lions, best ever.

2000 - Lui goes out with a bang. Simply marvelous.

Honerable mention, both Flutie argos wins 9697. Outstanding and super exciting.

The bad ones

1976 - Damn that Gabriel.

1988 - Why Matt Why. Cant wait to get the bombers back for that one.

1995 - My all time favorite playerQB loses the cup to an USA team. Simply crushing.

1989 - cheered for the riders all the way from 66 to mid season 89. Gave up on them and switched to the cats because of winfield and a few other. Still think ticats win if the cornerback, Shields or Fields (I forget which one), didnt have to leave the game. Poor winfield trying to play defense.

The bad:
the GC game against the argos a few years back when we lost. believe it or not it was my first full game i watched (been to a game ALONG time ago but didnt know how the game worked lol) i watched it because i saw a commercial about the game and decided to watch and was hooked from then. its nice to see how the cfl has grown into what it is today, for me anyway.

The good:
Last year's beating on the als,first GC victory i watched. I was so hyped at the beginning when the players were being introduced and Floyd and some other guys were like " It's over, It's over" then the montreal player was like " its not over" lol
not very aggressive, which is why i think they lost.

1994 and 1976 for me

I was at 94 so that is definately my fondest Grey Cup memory.

I'm a newer fan to the CFL, so I haven't seen too many GC. But the funny thing is every year I get a little too liquored up too early and end up not remembering anything. :lol:

All I remember from last year is I was cheering for the Lions, and I thought Nelly Furtado was horrible live.

89 Riders. Best back and forth game I've seen. Lions beating Baltimore was pretty sweet too.

I have 2 GC that I remember, the first one was the 77 game where the Als pummelled the Eskimos 41-6. It was a cold one, and the field was frozen at the Big Owe, so everyone thought it was advantage Eskimos, but the Als proved them wrong.
The other game that stand out is the 89 GC. One of the best games, IMO. I was only 2 yrs old last time the Riders won in 66, so it was sweet to see them win it all in 89.

The most bitter one for me is the 76 game. How the DBs could leave Gabriel so wide open is still a mystery to me.

Well for me it's a tossup between that great Hamilton~Saskatchewan 1989 matchup and the Montreal~Edmonton ice bowl of 1977.

The ice bowl was on ESPN Classic Canada the other day, and man all the names of the past:
Edmonton- Lemmerman, Wilkinson, McGowan, Germany, Highbaugh, Santucci, Estay, Keply and Cutler with Hugh coaching.
Montreal- Sweet, Wade, Buono, Ah You, Weir, O'Leary, Datillio, Rhino and Dalla Riva and Levy coaching.

I aslo marveled at the Alouette cheerleaders, in thigh high skirts in that cold weather!

A good broadcast team back then too, with Pat Marsden, Frank Rigney and Don Wittman as a sideline reporter.

The Als should try a retro look with the helmets and the unis too.