Someone with a great memory

at the end of one of the grey cups on CBC, i think it was early 2000's or late 1990's (a toronto argos win i THINK) after all the celebrations and stuff they played a highlight video and im trying to remember the name of the song and i cant remember you can see. The lyrics said something about "we can make it no matter what they say" or something along those lines. if u can help me that would be AWSOME!!! thanks

No recollection, but a Google search gave me L'il Kim and a song with your lyrics in the title.
It would then mean the game you refer to was 2004 (the only possible Argo win/song combo)

Hope that helps...

i recall now more clearly the lyrics being more like "so they say, we can make, so they say" i dunno its killin me i can just hear the "so they say". and i know recall its being the ticats cuz i taped the probably 1999?

i even saw the video for it once....i believe...if im not getting it confused...they r walking in a dessert...

"they'll never know, what we know. They dont know what we know. So they say, that we can make it. And they say, and they say.
And our hearts, they'll try to break it. So they say. So they say."

Is that it?

I'm pretty sure it was Starship's "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now."

Whip It - Devo

sorry none of those....especially whip it lol...its one of those motivative of those everyone says we r gonna fail but i no that we can make it and it has the words "so they say, so they say" in it FOR SURE thats the only like i can remember. i appreciate all the efforts ppl are making to help out

stompin toms hockey song??

that must be it.....

I know the song that your talking about, but I just cant figure out the name of it or who wrote it.
Now its bugging me too.

Meh, give me "Huddle Up in Saskatchewan" from '95 any day. Now that's a Grey Cup song.

Our American mod is really good at these sort of things. I am so bad I cant even remember his name.

whats his name so i can message him?


Thank you for the kind words, I'm no genius..just like to find obscure songs. I fully understand the frustration of having a song you like stuck in your head. I am already on the case but I will say....this is a tough one!!

I have e-mailed the CBC directly to see if they can help, but the exact year of the game would be very helpful.

Typed in those lyrics in a couple of music serches i use but no luck yet finding them in a song let alone an artist to go with it. Hopefully the CBC will e-mail me back, if not i'll call them.

We'll find that song!!

The song name is So You Say by the soul attorneys.

thats the lyric hahahahhahahahaha!!! o man u guys are awsome....i didnt actually believe anyone would give a crap. but u guys are the best! much love.

Good job leosrule!! Now...where can I hear a snippet of this song? you all have me hooked.