Someone tell Danny

His new offensive coordinator doesnt like to run the ball.


Davis, Warren, and now Ranek.

Good job, dumm...........danny!

Does any offensive coordinator really at heart? I mean how many brains do you need to devise plays for a qb to just hand the ball off to a rb? Passing plays are more complicated and varied I think and makes a offensive coordinator look "smarter" or "dumber" I think, if you know what I mean. Now how you mix up the running and passing game, that's a different story.

Bit of tongue in cheek reply. 8)

well eskylo this mean tht troy is gone and were gonna ahev a two set back with antonio and josh

What about whats his name?....the guy who
played pretty well at the end of last year.

....McClendon....he was pretty good.....

Thanks Red! 'lo...this is an interesting direction the esks are taking....perhaps based on their last year pass attack, which saw like 90% of their attempts in the 5 to 10 yard range, the esks are going to go with the All-RB/FB offense scheme......I'd watch for a trade of Jason Tucker for Robert Edwards and Mike Vilimek and negotiations to pull Pringle out of retirement.....

Its all starting to make sense, and here i
was thinking it was just Danny showing his
incompetance again.

Embarrassing to realize now he's actually an

Maybe we should get a few more backs??? What do
you think??? this all stems from Maccocia's eternal admiration of Don Matthews, who tried this approach before last season....the Als had about 12 running/full backs in camp as I recall....then they found Don had mistaken a Costco sized bag of Sour Patch Kids for his medication and was completely loopy......I guess Danny didn't read that far down the memo....

The Esks are obviously not going to start the season with Ranek,Warren,Davis, McClendon, Bradley, Winkel, Bertrand, Maurer, and Dubuc as RBs/FBs. Many of them are just coming to camp as "training camp fodder". Nothing wrong with this move, you can never have too much competition at camp.

I realy liek Troy davis ahhh well...i hope we can somehow keep him

Even if he does unfortunately leave, it's almost certain the Esks will have a stronger running attack next year, with all the competition at TC.

its more of a i like him and his personality..i know we can get a better RB. JOSH RANEK is very good but i jsut liek Troy's personality.

i jsut liek Troy's personality
are you sure it isnt Tory's that you jsut liek?? :P

Isn't it strange that dyslexia is hard to spell?

McClendon stuck around last year simply because they had him in th front office selling tickets. I see him moving there full time after he is released. He is simply not good enough. He's had one great game in the last two seasons. He's not strong enough or fast enough to compensate for his lack of size.

As far as the other three go, I was surprised they brought Warren in. Ranek is a little younger than the other two but Troy Davis is the best blocker of the three of them and this may be nothing more than motivation in camp. Maciocia did the same thing with Fleming a couple years ago. It wouldn't surprise me to see them bring in a young import as well to compete in the backfield.


Am I missing something?

McClendon only played two games last season, and had like 300 yards between the two. With this, as well as his small salary in mind, I'm certain he'll be given a fair chance in training camp next season, in competing for the starting RB role.

Troy Davis is likely to be released as a result of being a salary cap victim. The Eskimos feel his current contract simply pays him too much for what they can afford under the cap. Troy has been asked to take a pay cut, and has refused. Signing Antonio Warren and Josh Ranek are excellent moves by the Eskimos to ensure that they have proven talent and depth at the RB position to start training camp, even if last years starter is released for salary reasons.

I find it ironic that the same people who critisized the Eskimos the last couple of years for not running the ball enough, are now critisizing the Eskimos for signing a couple of running back’s to improve this part of their offense. I guess it takes alot less intelligence to blindly critisize a team for every move that they make, than to actually have some football knowledge.

Unlike the intelegence it takes to insult someone with every post!