Someone PLEASE upload a picture of this.........

Okay, I'm terrible with these sorts of things so I am BEGGING someone form this site to post a jpg of the picture that I am about to describe.

I'm watching the Toronto-Edmonton game right now and Jackson just ran back a kick off for a TD. Right at the end it shows Vanderjagt trying to make a diving tackle. He comes up sort (obviously).

What I want a picture of is the clip on the play that shows Vanderjagt laying on his face... flat out... while the Edmonton guy goes on to score!

I NEED this picture!

Don't have one, but feel free to come over to the main forum and help us blog the game.

I hope these pics will do rusty,

Someone should tell these brilliant webmasters that there IS a auto-resize pic mod for phpbb2 forum, geez

It's a's a's a sinking boatman.