Someone please explain the logic behind the Safeway promo

Mtl vs Toronto. Ads for this Safeway contest. There are NO safeway stores East of Thunder Bay!! Most of the people tuning into the game not only don't give a hoot about this, but they can't even participate!

It certainly doesn't do a thing for me except get angry. I can't participate in the contest (yes I know, no purchase necessary but I can't go to a store for details now can I!?). Neither can anyone in one of the markets that the CFL has been trying to attract more attention in.

What kind of logic is there to this? This is a Western Canada ONLY promo! The CFL needs to do something like this nationally!

Safeway is laughing all the way to the bank on this one. They get National coverage when they aren't even a National chain!

I don't know what kind of barrel the League was bent over when they signed this deal, but it has got to stop!!

Just a little peeved that you cant participate in the contest? Why not just go online and enter on the website?

No, I'm peeved that the CFL would participate in such mis-aligned marketing efforts.

BTW... go to and try to find the contest. They don't even have a link to it!

edit-- and try to find it on for that matter.

This deal with Safeway started years ago when the CFL was desperate for sponsors. IIRC the contest was indeed a West only promotion way back when. However that was something like 10 years ago. To continue this - especially running the ads during games that don't even have teams from the promotions geographical market - only serves to alienate fans.

who cares dude its only a dumb contest...

Put things a different way... How would people from BC to MB feel about having to watch ads a contest relevant only to residents of ON and QC? Imagine the Calgary/Edmonton Labour Day Classic with ads for the 'Ontario Foodland First Score of the Game contest'. People in Alberta would be apoplectic and having to see that 'eastern garbage'. (I know they would, I was born and raised in AB and now live in ON!)

....people in the west watching something only the eastern folk are able to get?...we're pretty much used to it already, it's called Equalization Payments....

....and alienating fans?...a bit dramatic I'd say...if a contest drives a person away they weren't much of a fan to begin with...

The implications run far deeper. It's not about the contest "dude". It's about the efficacy of the league's marketing abilities. It's about getting the most 'bang for the buck' when it comes to marketing. It's about ensuring that proper effort is going in to national campaigns, not ones that eliminate markets where the league needs to - and has admitted a desire to - gain more exposure and build legitimacy.
(I'm sure that once you get older you'll realize that.)

So you think that the CFL and TSN should say "No! Keep your money. We don't want it because you are not a national chain!"
As for Safeway laughing all the way to the bank. Why would they. Sure they get national coverage but what good does it do them? Its like you said, you cant walk into their store, How do they benefit from it?

Well I would like to think that the CFL would have had the good sense to renegotiate the old deal with Safeway so as to include an ON/QC-based, non-competitive partner for the promotion. They have had more than enough time to do that.

Sure, maybe saying ‘laughing all the way to the bank’ was a bit much. But they are getting brand exposure beyond their actual market. That in and of itself is a benefit - albeit an indirect one.

Don’t get me wrong… the Safeway promo is good. It’s just that I would like to think that the CFL could have done better. The “RIM touchdown to win” or the ‘Touchdown to Win contest by Safeway, Couche Tarde & Dominion’. Know what I mean?

I know what you mean but its not up to them to decide who is going to sponcer them

If it's not up to the League, then who IS it up to?

Of course it's up to the League to take care of marketing on a national level. The teams do it on a local level.

Its up to the sponcer who want to give their money to the league.

If brand X is not interested in sponcering the CFL....there is nothing they can do.

Maybe you should just move to the west... That will solve all your Safeway problems :roll:

Hmm … it would be awfully stupid of the CFL to turn down advertiser money for ANY reason … would you rather watch a few dozen more Wendys commercials per game?


can the CFL help it if no eastern company wants to participate, and on cross country company either?

I sympathize, I would be annoyed by an eastern only thing, but it wouldnt turn me against the game, just lower my already low opinion of CFL brass.


As a matter of fact, I think there should be a picture of the Baconator on-screen at all times during the game.

I want a Baconator... what an awesome name for a burger

What I am getting sick of seeing is adult type commercials, ad for movies that are not for children, etc. Do they or dont they want children to be fans of the CFL.

I am ready to stop watching the games in the presence of my children.

dude - the commercials during a CFL game are absolutely nothing compared to most of the crap on TV ... nevermind the internet. Prepare to live in a cave (or a convent) if you think you are going to shelter your children from the reality of the world.

Better to teach your kid right from wrong, than keep them oblivious to the ugliness the world has to offer.

i hardly think CFL commercials are adult oriented or even questionable - on TSN or CBC ... grow up dude. Which were you offended by the most? The Wendys commercial? The safeway commercial? I know - it must be the Tim Hortons commercial, or the Purolator commercial? The war-amps play safe commercial? The Coors light commercial? The Kokanee commercial? The Heineken commercial? (gawd - i think i just named every CFL commercial except for the movies)

beer commercials during a sporting event?! disgusting!! What is this world coming to?!?!

Sounds like you have more growing up to do than your kids!


for one thing, my 9 yr old doesnt need to see commercial about movies that are about being gay, or pretending to be gay, etc. Anything that alludes to adult sexuality and sexual issues is unacceptable for my children.