Someone just threw a tv out a highrise window

Someone across the street just threw a tv out the window and the police have been called

Hope it didn't hit anybody& it was a cheap tv.Thise LCD'S& plasmas can be expensive.

the tv was wrapped in a green Riders jersey.

and it was a 28 inch picture tube so it's not a pretty scene

smells like story time

Do you think alcohol was a factor? lol

Good win by the Jarious Jackson, I as a bomber fan didn't get to see him much of his time in Winnipeg. I feel happy for him after his performance against the Sask. defense. (The route Simon ran for the winning td was just sick to watch happen.) This game provided the fact, that the Riders are nothing more than a 'mighty-mouse' team in G&W. I want the Bombers to beat the best team available when it comes to the Grey Cup.