Someone dropped the ball...

Who's the genius who came up with this schedule?

For the Labour Day Classics, the Stamps and Esks only have a 3 day break between games and the Cats and Argos only have a 4 day break.

But the Bombers and Riders get a 6 day break and the Als and Lions get an 8 day break.

Seriously? :lol:

Im sure other teams have quick turnaround games througout the season.

That's what happens if you wanna play on Monday.

Besides. It not like the Als, with an 8 day break are playing the esks with 3 days off. Each opposing team has an equal amount of time off

I think that AJ Gass thing has infected the esky fans and now they are starting to whine like him.

True. And now that I think about it, it’s not like the Stamps and Esks have a long distance to travel. That’d almost be like me flying to Toronto.

But what’s even worse is Edmonton’s schedule for the next 8 weeks. We play 4 back-to-backs… :roll:

Go troll another thread, please. :wink:

Just like it has been nearly every year since at least 1989 for the Esks/Stamps, and likely the same with the Ti-cats/Argos.
And most years with Winnipeg/Sask.
The only thing different this year over previous years is BC/Montreal, who now play back to back on a regular basis.

I didn't remember the Stamps/Esks having such a short break last year, but I just checked, and you're right. Hmm.

Well, I'm still pissed about the 4 back-to-backs. :lol:

This short turnaround isn't a big deal, because both teams have the same short break, so at least its even

Your back-to-backs do suck!
I took a look at the schedule and I hope you enjoy missing the play-offs again....
I give you permission to whine a little about that....

But Labour Day is always on Monday and Calgary/Edmonton have held their rematch on the following friday every year since 1989, apparently with the exception of one year where they played the game in Edmonton the week before LD.
I know these details because it came up on another thread somewhere...
Sask/Winnipeg have played the back to back most Sat. or Sun. in recent memory, but not always.
And I think Hamilton/TO have being playing back-to-back since 1889 (no that isn't a typo) or something ridiculous like that. I don't really know how long they have done the LDC, but their rivalry does go back that far.
And they have the most LDCs under their belts (60+).

Oh, I'm sure I'll be doing plenty of bitching. :lol: That is such a lame schedule, especially considering two of the back-to-backs are against Eastern opponents.

Back-to-back with Calgary is going to be awesome... But I couldn't care less about the back-to-backs with Montreal and Toronto... Some times I honestly think the CFL hires a group of monkeys to make the schedule...

The Stamps have had three!

I think Edmonton is going through what Calgary did earlier this season.

Hamilton/Toronto used to have back-to-back every year around Labour Day. But as far back as I can remember and until a couple of years ago, there was no "rematch" in Toronto the following weekend.

My father told me (and I checked and saw it to be true, though I forget when it was) that they used to play in Toronto on Saturday and in Hamilton on Monday -- two days later! -- to start the season. And this was in a day when most guys played both ways. I guess people were tougher back then.

Calgary has only had one back-to-back so far. Unless you’re referring to the short break, which I said wasn’t so much of a problem anymore.

Yup, It was the short turn around I was referring to.

Other the the Labour day classics and the return matches, I do wish the scheduler would spread out the games and get away from back-to-backs.