Someone clue me in on this import/non-import stuff please

I know what imports are and non-imports but I must admit I'm not up to speed on the significance in terms of benefits or non-benefits. If anyone can explain in layman's terms I'd really appreciate it.

Hey Beagle , every team in the CFL has to have 20 non imports on their roster and 19 imports ( and 3 QB's ). Where it matters more is in the starting offensive and defensive lineup...... Each team has to have 7 non import starters , leaving 16 imports and a QB. So when a Canadian goes down ( Sanchez last year ) they have to keep a Canadian in the starting lineup...Thats why we were forced to play that tool Tad Crawford.

Hmmm...okay, I think I'm getting it jmc24. So does that mean if a Canadian goes down, his position has to be filled by a non-import even though they may have an import who is better at the position?

They must have 7 non import starters playing duing the game ,doesn't matter where there playing, so the coach can adjust if there's a injury . :thup:

Usually teams like to have depth at positions where they play Non-Imports because it's easier to adapt in the event of an injury. But should a Non-Import go down, it's not an obligation that he's replaced by another NI.

Some teams employ 8 starting NI (Montreal and Saskatchewan has the last couple seasons). There's many benefits because even if you have an injury, you don't have to make wholesale changes to your roster to accommodate for that change. Personally, I think we'll see more teams play with 8 NI as starters because of the flexibility it affords them with respect to the ratio.