Somebody With The CFL Must Read This Board

Fans on this board have been calling for the refs to put away the flag. Because it was dragging down games.

And surprise surprise, tonights Als-Stamps game has barely a flag to be seen! And isn't the game much better because of it?

I'm sure there's just as many infractions occurring on the field as the other games. But these officals are using their heads! And we're getting a great game because of it!

Absolutely the CFL reads this stuff, as well as all the media that covers it. They get story ideas from here and ideas for all kinds of other stuff . If you have GOOD ideas for the league they should be mentioned here. Also if their doing something bad it should be mentioned here.

They do read it(at least the broadcasters do) because on a couple of occasions they have made references to polls taken here

Of course somebody does... They would be somewhat stupid not to

There is a facet (that rhymes with zebras)of the game that has been brought up on this forum many times over and nothing has changed over the years. As a matter of fact it almost seems like things have gone backward.

Yes they read the expansion threads here and get their suits and jackets dirty from rolling on the floor with laughter.

I think a couple of the reasons that flags are down:

(1) Teams are better disciplined. (Wally harps on it all the time)

(2) The CFL have cut down on officials, the better ones are remaining. (See an earlier thread, some one commented about 7 officials being let go.)

I agree Sportsmen. It has to do with more disciplined play and experienced officials, not with the league pulling the referee puppet strings.

Well I am sure sense this is the offical CFL web site someone from the CFL would see this sight.

I think media types read this website as well.

I've been calling people Chicken Little for predicting doom and gloom for the CFL if the NFL comes to Hogtown.

And voila, in the Sunday Sun, one writer who I won't named almost quoted me verbatum, including the Chicken Little reference.

So I would say that many in the media also peruse this website. So we are being heard!