Somebody Start a Wave !

Boyz am I wrong but I have not seen a complete stadium wave at THF not like Good old IWS we need to get our Mojo back the 13th man loud and proud ! We have to make THF a given W home field advantage again!???

Let's wave it all around at least one lap!

Just say NO !!!! ? Every time fans try to start a wave it’s during our offensive drives.....please NOOOOOO!!. It never works and is so outdated to do that’s it’s laughable?

Sorry Boyz I had to ask as I am bringing my grandson to the game and he asked me why there is none anymore I said well I’ll ask?!


Goes to show that I am not very good at estimating someone's age based only on their syntax on chat boards.

1985 called. They want their schtick back.

The wave? Who in the world does the wave in 2017?

Good Gawd.

Thankfully no wave last night?