Somebody should be fired

The incompetant web programmerdesigneradminwhatever who responsible for the screwing up this site should be fired NOW.

What's the problem, exactly?

Seems fine to me, excepting the quotes issue.....

thats a big issue to me, and I tried to keep quiet about it for awhile assuming that it would eventually be corrected. Apparently, they not gonna bother cause they are too stupid.

Also for me, when I go to start a new topic, I think that my computer is hung until I page down and find the box to type in. Whats up with that???

Don't you think you're over-reacting, just a tad??

I can't help you with the second issue. Everything works just spanky on my 'puter.....

No, it is really annoying to try to decipher other peoples posts where they dont make an effort to separate what they are quoting from their own words, and its really annoying to have to keep doing the separating. It is totall stupidity and I hate stupidity. People get paid to do jobs right and this ahole is either incompetant, or just cant be bothered.

Nobody with any braincells voluntarily takes a step backward. Only an idiot would think thats ok to do.

While I agree it's annoying, I disagree that it's a result of incompetence or apathy. Check the announcement on "Forum Upgrades" - Ron intimated things may take a while to get back to normal.

it has been a LONG while already, that equals incompetance.

You're entitled to your opinion. I disagree.

That said, it does need to be fixed.

...what he said

I like the forum .... and it is getting better by the day

lol - he is a "she", 3rd.....

number one, you use a test environment to completely test everything before you move to production, or in this case, the user environment. They should not have made changes here until they had the bugs out. They should put it back the way it was before, and create a test site to work on until they get it all right. And it shouldnt take over 2 weeks to get it right.

I am new to the forums so I won't debate whether or not the lack of quotes is a process that is taking too long or not.
But I will say I have already found it annoying, and as we all know, the squeaky wheel gets the grease, so if nobody complains, it won't get priority.
Well the complaints are here, where's that bucket of grease...?

Let me ask you something football.
While I agree that losing the quote box is annoying.....why do you feel it is necessary to quote the post right before yours. It's entirely unnecessary and only adds to the problem.

Eliminating useless quotes is the first step in fixing it.

Now back to the problem at hand. Did it ever occur to you to PM one of the admins before shooting off how people should be fired? It really makes me wonder what it is you do for a living and how you still have the job......unless you are perfect!

Often people edit their posts so it is safer and wiser to quote, even the post before yours, so there is no misunderstanding. Sometime as well, people post at the same time and that can cause confusion.

I have PM about other issues. I find they usually dont respond. They seem to respond only when they feel like it. For instant I sent a few PMs to different people including RON twice about not being able to change password or put in location team etc. NO response. I have also seen a number of other posters complaining that PM to admin, and apparently some mods, often get no answers.

I am a mainframe and client server computer specialist. Fancy way of saying programmeranalyst.


first of all, as A mod I always answer PMs.

Second I don't agree with quoting the previous post because very often you get a quote of a quote of a quote and its pointless. Yes it does happen where someone else post in-between yours but IMO no where near often enough to warrant quoting the post right above yours.


often people respond without posting and they are not responding to the previous post, but others think they are. Then knowIng that, one is often left to wonder if the person is actually posting to the previous post or not.

I will usually only quote shorter posts. Otherwise, if I am responding to a long post, I will just take what I want from it and use "quote selected". End result is my posting with short quotes should not be an issue TO anyone and should often be a benefit. However, this has nothing to do with the fact that present quoting situation is unacceptable.

FTR - no intention to insinuate that you yourself do not respond to PM. I just know that I gave up PM to admin. I also tried to go thru contact us and also got no response.

I did not take it that you were refering to me about PM's

Quoting does make sense, so that people know what the hell you're talking about. I too am a programmer/analyst, and I agree with FYB that the missing quote boxes should never have happened. It's called TESTING and QUALITY CONTROL. If the people running the site can't get something like QA right, how are they going to get anything right?