Somebody really needs to stop Lumsden

Actually, his constant droning on about how he's healthier than ever and coming back is starting to annoy me like Brett Favre's retirement comments.

Unfortunately with's either "kill" or be killed.

It was true last year, he lasted more than a quarter! :smiley:

LOL.. OK... That was funny....

You, sir, are terrible! :lol:

He would have fit well in the XFL.... just put "Peg Leg" on the back of his jersey... if he keeps this up, he will wind up with two wooden legs...

How is it moronic to follow your passion. YOU are the MORON for not doing it. Get a clue.

If this had been a reoccurring injury I might agree, as he likely would to, but it wasn't. Jesse took a bad rollover that most players would get injured from.

It is the same as when the bobsledder died at the Olympics...everyone was saying it was a waste, and it was such a stupid thing to die from. I on the other hand said that while it was tragic, going out doing something that I am passionate about would be fine by me, and I couldn't think of a better time to go than while doing something I love.

If he is passionate enough to "risk" his future, well, all I can say to that is good luck, and I understand. Without desire and passion sports would really suck.

There's passion and then there's stupidity...

That’s what I’m here for! Gotta be good at something.


Cany blame a guy who grew up watching his dad play and most of his life playing. He took almost 2 yrs off, so I'm surprised he'll try again. Its his body let him do what he wants. Bigger question is why would anyone sign him?

Well, let's hope all 8 teams are smart and don't sign him.

Calgary picked up the option on his contract after he got hurt. So he will be invited to training camp to have a chance to make the team.

...^ as a living-breathing public service announcement to the team on 'how not to treat your body'....

a) this is Jesse's body,
b) this is Jesse's body on football

I respect Jesse all the way, he gets crapped on by people but he's got the mindset any coach would want on his team.

...Earl, I have a mindset any coach would drool over to have on his team, but also the realization that my body could not help that coach out in any way other than making sure the Gator cart worked on a moments notice....

...look, I applaud Jesse's bravado, he is just the sort of fellow I would send over the top of the trench first when the sargeant major blew his whistle....we as a society rag on smokers who by their own questionable decision pollute their bodies to the point where they cause hardship on the health care system, how is Mr. Lumsden's (ab)use of the medical system any different?...

Valid point Red. . . Jesse sure has the right mindset, no question about it, but sadly his mind is writing cheques that his body can't cash.

Same could be said about all sports leagues in general, all create un_ necessary injuries, isn't that why they have team doctors and insurance?

Any player can be hurt on any given play, not just Lumsden. :cowboy:

If someone signs him and he wants to play, I say.. all the power to him.. But I do think he had some type of injury curse, and if he was my child, I would discourage him from playing.. But its not up to me.

The odds of Lumsden getting injured on a play are much higher than say... any other player in the league?