Somebody really needs to stop Lumsden

He wants to come back and get injured again! He obviously doesn't realize how he could end up as a cripple if he plays another down. I really hope for his sake he changes his mind.

I saw the headline and shook my head... I don't mean to be rude, but he's an idiot. How many injuries is it going to take? It's like he's willing to throw his own safety out the window just so he can prove everyone wrong.

Stick to tobogganing Jesse. Your health is far more important than proving you can play football.
We all know you're talented but unfortunately it hasn't worked out.


Retire already, save your future!

Well how much more damage can he do really? Gotta love his tenacity in the face of adversity!!

Go get em J.L :rockin:

Neck, back, head, you know, the vital parts.

It's his career, he'll see it play out how ever he wants. This isn't about being selfish or proving anyone wrong. Sure, he's injury prone, but he wants to play. It's something he doesn't wanna give up on. Who are we to tell him his goals in life are moronic? Life's an adventure, and he's entitled to his own.

Why stop him. There have been plenty of players, many still playing, that have had more surgeries than Lumsden. I don’t even concede that he is “injury prone”; that somehow his joints aren’t connected as well as the next player, just as likely pure chance and circumstance.


that a joke?

I don't even want to think about how crappy his quality of life will be in 20 years. It's his choice, but he's a moron for choosing this.

He's only a moron if he's doing something totally agains't the advice of the medical experts. Otherwise he's doing the exact right thing, what he wants. We aren't talking concussions here.

So anything short of going against the advice of a 'medical expert' is the right thing to do because he wants to do it? There is no logical basis for your assertion.

They're called medical 'experts' for a reason. If they believe he can still play, then there shouldn't be a doubt that he can. That's a completely logical basis. The medical staff are paid to make these assertions for us. Are you gonna tell us we shouldn't believe what the experts have to say now?

I won’t tell you not to listen to experts. John Ioannidis might, though.

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I'm pretty sure the medical experts said Lumsden was good to go for Edmonton... then he was knocked out in the first quarter of the first game of the season. Just sayin...

i was at that game.. I remember when the eskimos signed him.. a lot of people were bragging about the Esks getting him.. I told my boyfriend, hes made of glass, he will be injured quickly.. I didnt expect it that quickly, or for the whole season tho..
I dont know who would gamble on signing him seeing as how he gets injured so often... but I guess its possible that he could play for years and not get injured again..

Yes. Sometimes common sense should come into play.
Experts once said thalidomide was totally safe, same with asbestos, lead and smoking. Amazingly enough, experts can be wrong. Or "experts" aren't really experts at all!

I wasn't too thrilled when Edmonton signed him. Like you, I knew it'd only be a matter of time before he got injured.

You know...the Alouettes have a player with a similar history.
Matthieu Proulx is one of two francophone safeties on the Alouettes.
While Etienne Boulay has played arguably as much time as Proulx
and is probably a harder "hitter"
It's Proulx who's been injured perhaps half of his professional career.

Matthieu was hurt in the East Final against Toronto and missed the Grey Cup
Torn ACL
He's got a hard decision ahead of him
But unlike Lumsden
A safety sees real contact what...3-5 times/game?

Any running back that can't take a hit needs to find another job
At least Proulx is smart enough to have a law degree
So it seems Lumsden has proven that his weakest link isn't his "glass body"

Bones heal and ligaments can be repaired. Until JL starts suffering from repeated spinal, internal organ injuries or head injuries then I believe all the medical experts should give him the benefit of doubt.

Besides admit it, most here are curious to see what happens next. I've said it before and will say it again, I for one hope he surprises everyone with a killer season. Probably a stretch but its his body so let him worry about it.