Some trivia for all of you ...

Someone asked me this question and it made me stop to think ...

Of the current CFL coaches which has won the most grey cups
as a player?

What is your answer?

I would have to say pinball but Im guessing

.......Barrett maybe?......

Pinball won 3 grey cups. I think Barrett only won 1. Did any of the other coaches have a playing career in the CFL?

I don't think Barrett knows what one is.
Pinball has 3 as a player.
I don't think Barrett has one.

Saskargo is right, Barrett doesn't have one.

PaoPao ?

Dan Kepley ?

…Higgins played for the Stampeders for one season in the mid eighties…Paopao QB’ed for BC for many years…Pinball of course…Barrett and Buono also were ex-CFLers…don’t think any other Head Coaches in the league were players as well…Greg Marshall? I dunno…

Marshall won a cup with Edmonton in the early 80s.....

How many cups to Buono win when he played for the Al’s?

2 max

Then Pinball is the correct answer????

Head Coach or positional coaches ?

Hmm, a secondary question and debate....Special teams coach Kepley...Did he win 5 cups??????

That's what I mean, he takes the cake with grey cups.