Some Ticat predictions for 2019

What’s your prediction for how many “Burn the Witches” threads there will be? 8)

I predict the over/under for “Burn the Witches” threads will be 6.5
I’ll take the under and hope that Grover is right on his prediction of a 12 win season . 8)

Grover threw that out there pretty early before any FA had signed…waiting for the Grover prediction 2.0 once all the dust has settled.

I’m fairly disappointed that with all of the top D.Linemen in terms of sacks who were available this Free Agency, the Cats couldn’t land a single one.Micah Johnson, Shawn Lemon and Jefferson Willie were all available. We were 2nd last in the league in QB sacks, you’d think there would be incentive to upgrade the D.Line


Ja’Gared Davis isn’t exactly chopped liver…just saying is all .

3 seasons , 45 gms played ,123 tackles , 23 QB sacks , 3 int , 7 ff , 2 tds , 3 Grey Cup games played.
last season led all DE’s in tackles with 59 total . Tied for 7th over-all league wide in Sacks last year with 7 .

I swear that no matter what moves the Cats make to try to better themselves that some fans it seems are never happy . If we would’ve got one of the three above mentioned players they would’ve been crying why didn’t we sign Davis as well ?

Keep em all.
Sign em all.
Pay em all.

Figure it out later. Once we figure out who we want to keep the other teams can have the rest.

Makes sense.

I think J’Gared Davis was an awesome signing. Since he was an outside linebacker at SMU ,he tends not to just pin his ears back and go for the qb every down like day Lemon does.

Lemon is not very good against the run while Davis is very good against the run with a tackle total of around 58 . Davis is young and strong and could get even better alongside Teddy and with simoni blitzing here and there. I am not sure if the cats will go with 1 or 2 import DE"s. I am guessing they go with 2 since they signed Tracy but if they go with 1 it might be worth giving National Westerman another crack as he had great year in wpg in 2017 and then did not produce last year partially due to injuries. We would have to ask him to renegotiate hid contract from 220 to about 150 though.

I recall June Jones refering to J’Gared Davis as a guy that should be in the NFL last year after a Calgary game. When I saw Davis was a free agent I figured Jones would push for him because he also coached against him in University ball and was very impressed.

I am sure Teddy is happy to have this young stud next to him that respects the run and tackles very well and also brings heat on the qb.

Darn Jim Popp signed a few guys that would have been perfect for us. I am almost certain that the cats knew they could’t afford to sign Dean and I imagine BC LB Micawe Awe was their target. I guess Popp outbid us or Micawe prefered the big city of Toronto.

Popp also sign ex BC DE Shawn Lemon that I am sure the cats were looking at if they couldn’t get Davis.

I think young ruming back and kick retutner Burks would have been a great affordable signing for us with big upside. Burks is the guy who took the ball and ran left for a bit anf then reversed field turning around and going to the right to score a touchdown agains us last year showing his SpeedyB type wheels.

Argos also resigned FA OT Wiliam Campbell who is young and athletic and has had two good years in Toronto and he can play either tackle spot.
Popp also grabbed National RB Timmis from us. He could be starter one day in my eyes.

So do you think that the Argos are going to steal another GC from us??

Seems to be Edmonton’s idea this year

This team is really shaping up now

Delvin Breaux and Richard Leonard at the corners
Cariel Brooks and Rico Murray at HB
I would go with safeties Tunde Adeleke and Mike Daly

Simoni Lawrence and Chris Frey on the other side if he works out or put Tunde Adeleke there.
Justin Tuggle at MLB

We have Ja’Gared Davis at the one rush end and then we have many options on the other side with Westerman, Tracy and Capiciotti fighting for that other spot and Howsare and McGough
Laurent at DT and the likes of Justin Vaughn, Nikita Whitlock and Bobby Richardson at the other DT.

Looking good on paper if you ask me

Davis isn’t a bad signing, I’m not trying to rip into him, but there are unequivocally better players on the market that we didn’t get. He is simply not as statistically productive as the other linemen mentioned in the area we need. The only lineman we had who produce more then 5 sacks last year was Ted Laurent with 7. Meanwhile, every other team except for Montreal, Ottawa and us had two players producing 8+ sacks and 5+ sacks.

I would rather have any of the other three linemen I mentioned over Davis. We were 3rd in pass yards allowed last year, and 2nd worst in sacks, that’s the part of our defense that needs shoring up. Our rushing defense isn’t in as dire a need, as rushing allowed was 4th bordering on 5th.