Some Ticat predictions for 2019

1 . The Ticats will win the 2019 Grey Cup !!

( Partially due to a vastly improved Coaching staff with Coach O making all the in game decisions and year 2 of June Jones offence where June can focus entirely on Offence alone and Ottawa and Calgary losing key players.)

  1. Masoli will win the CFL MOP.
    ( He was the eastern division nominee this year despite only being in year 1 of June Jones offence and having both Banks and Saunders out for many games)

  2. Bralon Addison will have a breakout 1,000 yard season.

  3. Delvin Breaux will return for another year with the cats. NFL teams will shy away from his many injuries and his age.

  4. Courtney Steffan will resign and start at wide side corner or safety. Orlondo just loves this guy and started him at these two spots in the two years that he was our DC. ( I know Daly signed for likely starter type money but CFL contracts are not guaranteed )

  5. Rico Murray will return to the ticats and provide flexibility as he can play SAM or any DB spot . Orlondo loves this guy.

  6. Orlondo will win CFL Coach of the year.

  7. Hamilton will be awarded the 2020 Grey Cup .
    ( Mostly due to the fact that we haven’d had one since 1996 )

  8. Don Unamba will sign elswewhere.

(He was on both CFL All-Star teams so his market value should sky rocket above what we can afford for a guy that has had just one great year. We need the money to spend elsewhere.Would love to keep him.)

(Not to worry as we have plenty of options in rookie Michigan State standout Chris Frey( check him out on youtube) , possibly Rico Murray or BC FA national Lokombo, or national Jackson Bennett.)

  1. Larry Dean or Simoni Lawrence won’t be signing with the cats.

(Dean’s market value will be very high especially after LB Adam Bighill signed a huge 250 k per year contract )

( BC FA LB Micawe Awe will take one of their spots and either one of them will sign in EDM to replace retired all-star MLB Sherrett…Simoni was Sherrett’s backup at MLB in EDM prior to being traded to Hamilton)

11 DE Jamal Westerman will stay with the cats with a renegotiated contract from 220 to 150k.

  1. Brandon Banks will lead the CFL in receiving yards and receptions and be a CFL All-Star .

  2. June Jones will stay on as OC for an additional year to try to win another cup at home in Hamilton in 2020.

  3. Tracy, Neill and Capiciotti will not be resigned.

( I know Tracy just got engaged to a local girl and we might get a hometown discount .He showed what he can’t do. Justin just never brought any pressure or sacks so he has no value despite being national. Neill was ok against the run but provided little push against the pass…he sure didn’t replace Coleman)

  1. Mike Jones will .not sign with the cats.

( His cost will be inflated as he was the #2 national with over 800 yards receiving. His catch to pass ratio was very low and he gained much of his yards when passes to him increased when we had so many injuries. Masoli would not be throwing his way nearly as much with all our talented imports out there )

( We will sign CGY FA national Brescacin or BC FA national Corey Watson )

  1. We will sign a proven FA DE pass rusher .

(either BC’s Lemon, CGY’s J’Gared Davis or SASK Willie Jefferson). ( I hope we don’t settle with Tracy as he showed he cannot get sacks or pressure . I think Howsare showed he can’t supply consistsnt pressure)
17. We will sign BC FA kick returner Chris Rainey and he will play a bit of RB and SB on offence.

  1. We will sign at least one FA BC DB likely Lee or Rose and possibly Orange if Breaux signs in the NFL )

  2. Special teamer LB Davis will sign in BC his hometown and we will sign Fred Plesius to replace him.

  3. Lirium the national place kicker and punter will resign with the Ticats.

( Mosy because national kickers that can do both roles adequately are just not out there and the advantage of dressing an extra import is very valuable)

  1. John White will resign with the cats and take over as the starting RB over Green before Labour Day.

  2. We will sign a free agent Import OT to replace Rycker. Not sure which one but there are a few from the Argos that look goid. I hope we don’t try to role the dice with an internal candidate or rookie)

Any predictions from you Ticat Fans ?

The free agent Argo import tackle I was suggesting the cats should go after to te replace Rycker is William Campbell. On he is described as athletic , proven and able to play right or left tackle and he is 27 which is pretty young.

Since our other Tackle Palmer is fairly unproven and has not started many games for the cats, I think Campbell would be a great addition with his ability to play right or left tackle.

I have a feeling that Chapman might be at training camp. 8)

That was discussed, briefly, in another thread. I wish one of the media guys would check into, and report on, Chapman’s status with the AAF.

As I said earlier, I’d think he’s tied to the new league for its first 3 seasons, unless he was, or at some future point is, released from his contract. All we know is that he signed with the AAF and later said he “wouldn’t be playing due to personal reasons.” My understanding of the AAF contracts is that a signed player is free to go to the NFL, but no other league.

Carnac’s prediction for Gerbear - “This season a diseased yak will leave a gift in your sock drawer”.

Grover, you are the Man. :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch (the old Johnny Carson fan)

We also have Faciane, Jordan and Okafor as in house candidates already.

I like #1 - need to end this damndrought.

And for that you needed to copy and paste his whole message. SMH

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Thanks K, I didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings around here.

Too soon to tell, it really depends on what the team does during free agency. If it’s another “Keep the same guys” free agency, unless Ottawa drops the ball I expect a slightly better performance then this season, but still no trip to the cup.

If the team does sign some big name free agents, and gets some upgrades (Micah Johnson would be huge) then the team will have a good shot.

I hope that happens this year, because the Argos are not going to leave that Window open for long. It’s not going to shock me if they get gifted another QB, especially with how many look like are going to hit the market this year.

We will win the East only because the remaining East teams will do absolutely nothing to keep their FAs and won’t improve with what else is going to be available in market!

Well, Ottawa may have dropped that ball as Harris is now an Eskimo.

With a lot of the big names now off the market, I started looking at the schedule for this year. Could this finally be the year we get off to a hot start? Home vs Sask, @ Toronto, then a home and away against the Als. We’ll be the favourite in all 4 games. Is 4-0 too much to hope for?

I like how that sounds. I hope we can sweep the Redblacks this year.

Delvin Breaux and Courtney Stephen at the corners would be ok with me.

Cariel Brooks and Richard Leonard at DB or another DB other then Leonard starting and Mike Daly at safety.

Got to fit Rico Murray into the mix now!

Stephen gone to Calgary. Personally, I think I’d return Leonard to CB where he excelled in his rookie year & play Murray at HB.


I predict that there will be 18 regular-season play-by-play threads… 8)