Some Ticat players who stood out vs. Toronto

-Howsare, McGough, Neill: these D-Line kids have good motors, and got some push

-Storm Johnson, Timmis: powerful RB's

-Whitlock: love the idea of him playing RB, too, but must (obviously) work on ball control

I think apart from the obvious ball security thing that needs to get addressed, the way Whitlock was plowing through bodies at RB was impressive.

Banks is a player you expect to do well, but still it was good to see him looking sharp.

Manziel played well, especially throwing on the run.

Howsare made some nice plays.

Hard to praise the secondary when they weren't tested by Ray, and seemed a little soft even against the young QBs. But the blue team also was gifted with good field position frequently, and I'm not sure how many new guys were rotated into our secondary at various times.

A little concerned about some sloppy tackling in general by the defence, but hopefully that will get cleaned up. At times we got good pressure, but not working against an elite QB.

Punt/kick return teams looked good, with Williams and Wilkerson both showing spark.

This. Including the beautiful block by #19 on the TD return. If 19 doesn't pay attention and doesn't make that block, no TD.

#19 is Scarfone

I wasn't able to attend live and admit that I gave up on the game. Did Willie Quinn get any playing time?

Not last night.

#19 was new DB John Green. Scarfone was wearing #86 and caught two passes.

I will add linebacker jerome couplin #41 and john green #19 especially on special teams blocking for 2 big returns and i thought qb evans was horrible

I watched the game again, last night . Williams, the right tackle from U of T, played well. This is probably his make it or break it year . When you're not familiar with the players on the opposing line, it's difficult to evaluate the young guys.

It would be nice if the TSN guys would tell us or graphically display the OLine, DLine players and maybe tell us who made the tackle . I know there are a lot of substitutions and new faces but perhaps fewer Johnny Football and Steve Tasker references might allow for more info on the actual play itself . I guess that I'm asking for more Duane Forde input and far, far less Rod Black .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)