Some thoughts on the O-Line

From the other games I watched this weekend everyone else seems have a more physical offensive line - I'm thinking Calgary, Sask, and Ottawa. I think this has to be Dyakowski's last year - Others have said it here but he got blown up a couple of times last week and really seems to be struggling. I like Bomben but I wonder why our imports always seem like afterthoughts. If you're going to have an import offensive lineman shouldn't he be one of your better O-Linemen?

It just seems strange to me that if you are going to emphasize the passing game, as Austin does, that you wouldn't make the O-Line a top priority whereas with this team it appears to be an afterthought.

I do cut the O-Line some slack for the lack of an effective running game since they never get the chance to build a rhythm during games.

Anyway, random thoughts - But I always watch the O-Line first at the start of each play and I think its the foundation of the offence.

Peter didn't have a good game against the Bombers. Filer got blown up a couple of times, too. Peter was limping most of last year but he hung in and gutted it out. I hope this isn't the beginning of a downward slide. Revenberg, Girard, and Rice seem to be capable, young replacements, if needed. I'd love to see a running game against the Als. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Seems Austin did the same thing to Mathews last year...have his young quarter backs drop straight back to pass and allow the defensive line to just tee off on the O line and QB.
I think they need a few other options, run, roll out a bit, option etc...I think Masoli is very capable and yes has proven he can throw. Just not a lot of time at to throw last game compounded by some bad decisions under pressure.

It is a bit puzzling isn't it. It's not Austins style to neglect this part of the game. I'm hopeful he'll get it resolved.

Every once in a while (every three or four plays) you need to let your O-Line crunch down on their opponents and run somebody out of your backfield, just to keep the defenders honest.

We don’t do this often, if at all.

We have Gable, who would be happy to do it, but if he gets hurt, there is no back up, and we lose a blocker that gets very expensive. It’s said that you can get an American RB for nickles, but I haven’t seen this happen just yet.

We have both Chad and Brendon, but I’m waiting to see anything on the Offensive side that uses them as “scat backs”.

Masoli does run the ball very cleverly and well, but doing so presents the chance of injury, and that would be a disaster.

Tough call, but we need something a bit more than just CJ in the backfield, or a new game plan.

Those are good points - You wonder then if it’s not a function of the play calling. We really haven’t seen Masoli run or do much other than drop straight back which makes him a target and makes the O-Line’s job harder.

I don't think I've ever seen Austin commit himself to the run. Not in Toronto, not in Saskatchewan, and not in Hamilton. He's just not that kind of coach. You can tell he thinks of the running back as a blocker first and a runner second, just like Milanovich in Toronto. That said, I am a bit puzzled as to why Hamilton's international RB depth is on the thin side. One injury to Gable and things might go south in a hurry.

It could also be a version of “loss prevention” in which losing Masoli to an injury will prevent us from winning any other games until Zach is ready to start.

I should ask myself (and you guys); do we have an O-Line that can "tee off" and run block?

Are we 'built' that way, or with guys that excel more at pass blocking?

Before we ask for running plays to spin the clock on, can we actually run, or are we placing CJ (and don't kid yourself, I love the guy!) in the crosshairs, with no real backup in the RB position?

(Scratches greying, balding skull)

Don't know about your other guys but Bomben, who used to be an Al, is a great run-blocker and very athletic.

We have a new Oline Coach, Our Oline Coach from last year Allen Rudolph took a job at Arkansas State.

The loss of Rudolph may affect the offence as much as the loss of OC Tommy Condell

Bomben is the best O-Lineman we have - no doubt about that in my mind. Things really fell apart when he was injured last year. I think his presence / absence has had more to do with the success of the line than coaching. I think we're also missing Figs. We've had a suspect line for several seasons now. Really, for as long as Austin has been with the Cats. Maybe I'm being too critical, but the O-Line has certainly not been a strength of this team.