Some things never change

Everyone on this board has been screaming for Chang to start all year, even when Taaffe said he wasn't ready. After the Montreal game I was with everyone else that thought it was best for him to start Labour Day. That's where the commonalities with myself and most other fans end. Too me starting Chang was the end of the Maas era and the start of Chang's Time. As with most struggling football teams, when you make the QB change you usually do for the remainder of the season.

I stated in earlier threads that no one should be calling out Chang after we lose cos he's a raw rookie. But here we are after another loss and especially on Labour Day and we already have "start Williams" comments. This is a complete joke!! So after Williams falls flat on his face where do you go. Just bring in someonelse? Some on the boards complain that we don't develop our own QB's. They are 100% right. The reason for that? Well it seems as though the fans have given every management team we've had the idea that we aren't patient enough to do so. It seems to me after this past game, and now the comments I'm reading that this is very true.

What I saw today was a QB who didn't have any time to do anything at all. Whether it be from lack of protection or bad snaps. How is a raw rookie supposed to excel in those conditions against a stellar defence like the Argos. I then had to watch as Maas comes in, and other than 1 nice TD pass, look like the same old guy we already knew we had. He cemented that thought with his horrendous fumble. At that point I left. I couldn't watch that garbage anymore. So I talk to friends that stay and they say Williams came in for mop up duty, looked good till he fumbled.

So, after Williams "impressive?" mop up duty I get to read that we should start him now from some on here. It's the same thing every year and every game with a mojority of Tiger Cat fans. the next QB in line is always better. That's why we're going to always have QB problems. Williams looked good because the Argos were going through the motions of winding down the game. That's it. He doesn't mean he's going to succeed if he starts.

My solution is to start Chang (hopefully with a healthy Lumsden) and see what happens. If he's the same way after getting another full week as starter then go to Williams. Not Maas, I've read that book and seen the movie, they're both not very good endings.

BS !

I said START Williams because the guy ACTUALLY has a Fr-Eakin ARM !!

If PEOPLE can't see that Timmy Chang has a WET NOODLE for a throwing implement ... you are ALL BLIND !! This INCLUDES the Coaching Staff, GM, Owner, and ANYBODY else I'm forgetting. Regardless of the amount of time he had ... HIS THROWS WERE WEAK !!, PERIOD !!

As far as "Game Ready" goes, OF COURSE Williams isn't POLISHED ... but you ONLY get that way by getting the REPS in Practice and the EXPERIENCE in GAMES.

The ONE thing I do AGREE with was I, too, thought the starting of Chang meant the END of the Maas Era ... why he came in for backup duty is BEYOND ME. Why he is being KEPT for the REMAINDER of the Season is BEYOND ME, too.

Taaffe seems like he has LOST IT! The timing of this QB change was HORRIBLE.

The team WAS in REALISTIC Playoff Contention before this game ... Why NOT stay with the Maas (the guy who is MOST POLISHED and gives you the BEST chance to win) until the team is OFFICIALLY OUT of the Playoff hunt ... then, when SIGHTS are set on NEXT YEAR - put the YOUNG GUYS in to DEVELOP ...

When the Young, Inexperienced QB's start making mistakes, and GENERALLY making their way along the CFL Learning Curve - fans won't come down so HARD in them and IMMEDIATELY try to run them out of town - because they KNOW it is for NEXT SEASON's cause !!

More on Ritchie ...

ESPECIALLY since our O-line STRUGGLES so much it is PAINFULLY Obvious that he has FAR SUPERIOR Athleticism to EVADE the pass rush and scramble to BUY time to look down field.

Just in the last TWO minutes today, Williams showed BRILLAINT Ability to avoid taking the sack.

By the way, your friends got it WRONG! Ritchie did NOT FUMBLE ... he tried to PASS the ball, underhanded, while being taken down ... it was INCOMPLETE. This play was just ANOTHER EXAMPLE of how TENACIOUS WIlliams is - he was NOT GOING TO Accept the Sack !!!

You can ACCEPT my opinion, or not, it MAKES no DIFFERENCE ... as I have stated MANY times in the past ... I don't MAKE UP the TRUTH, I just TELL IT!!

And the PLAIN and SIMPLE TRUTH is ... Timmy Chang is NOT a Professional Calibre QB. PERIOD.

Ritchie has done MORE than ENOUGH to warrant a CHANCE at taking HIS GAME to the next level.


P.S And ONE MORE thing .... SIGN EAKIN !!!!! There is a MAN that DESERVES the Title "GUNSLINGER" !! Timmy Chang's arm is a PEA SHOOTER compared to Kevin's CANNON.

Funny thing is that a sizable majority of the posters that you are so critical of seem to agree with you.

I know it's become quite the cliche to accuse Cat fans of always supporting the guy on the bench, but where's the evidence in this situation? Surely not the fact that you can find maybe half a dozen people calling for Williams to start in a sea of posters that think that Chang should get another chance.