Some things I didn't know about Ivor Wynne Stadium...

I found the following tidbits of information about Ivor Wynne Stadium from a couple of articles...

  • The stadium was built in 1930, just a 2000 seat facility erected for the British Empire Games. In 1950 the Hamilton Tiger Cats took up permanent residence in the stadium.

  • The city expropriated 13 acres in 1913. Farmer J.J. Scott wanted $18,500 an acre. Hamilton knocked that down to $6,835.

  • the venue still boasted a shabby appearance, so much so that American TV networks refused to air games from Hamilton, and even the traditional Argos-TiCats Labour Day Classic couldn’t get a decent airing.

  • Jake Gaudaur, head of the league's television committee, brought bad news:
    "We have been asked to cancel all games from Hamilton, including the planned colour telecast of our Thanksgiving Day game, because they want shots of better-looking stadia, or as they put it, something which makes the game look 'big time'."

  • It had the first AstroTurf installation in Canada.

  • The installation of the turf was made possible by the fundraising of the Hamilton Junior Chamber of Commerce.

  • And the number of seats climbed past 34,000, which was biggest in the league.

  • it is one of the few stadiums of its kind in North America

You may already be aware of these facts, but it was news to me, and maybe others.

If you would like to see some CFL stadiums of the past and present, you can check out this site...

informative tidbits old fan. :thup:

From my vague recollection of past articles, yes the US Networks refused to air TiCats home games circa 1970 or so, as IW (Civic Stadium at that time) was in tatters and desperately needed serious upgrades.
Subsequent upgrades soon thereafter gave IW the short lived distinction of being the largest capacity stadium in the country until Exhbition Stadium expanded in 74-75.

At least we had bragging rights for a couple years. :smiley:

and now we've come full circle.
having the largest stadium in the country to soon having the smallest. :?

Thank you, Tangledweb.

As usual, I stumbled over this stuff looking for something else.

Some may think of Ivor Wynne as old and ugly. For me, it was the best place to see a football game. It encased the soul and spirit of tough Hamilton football.

Later this year, it will be sad.

Like leaving home.....