Some thing positive about Rider fans!

Okay enough of the rider fan bashing it is getting old. I not a big supporter of them but I think the bashing is getting old (right bomber fans)! How about something positive? What part of Rider nation do you like!

  1. Fans support is by far the best in Canada not Canada's team but we all have to say their fan base is there thick and thin!
  2. Halloween is from start of season to end of season you have to admit the costumes and the dressing up is one of the best in the league!
  3. If you are a watermelon farmer you have to love the Rider fans!
  4. If you have shares in Pilsner you will love the rider fan!
  5. If you are having trouble filling your stadium heck just tell them the riders are playing in your stadium and bang there they are confused but there to cheer on their team. Heck you will see rider jerseys in your home stadium and yet the riders are not playing!
  6. Have you ever seen fans get over the big mistakes their team has gone through! Grey cup in Calgary too many men on the field cost them a Grey Cup upset but no rioting you have to like that.

Any others please post but like I said I have tail gated with some of them and I have to admit they are so much fun. I am a die hard Stamp fan and people can say they saw this or that situations that were negative but for every situation you will find 20 positives. Cheers Rider fans! You can say you are CANADA's team you are not but keep believing that! You can say many things to defend your team or fan go for it you are proud of your team and support them as much as you can.

Okay now I have to take a shower because I feel dirty!


They stole Brendan Taman from us - that's good enough for me!


Trojan Horse

Saskatchewan Roughriders sign Chris Jones…Ah sure :smiley:

Regina put a half-assed semi pro league in Northern Ontario on the map by signing a 29yr old and anointing him as their starting DT.

Evidently Jitterbug Murphy and his extensive scouting network (aka old subscriptions to Football Digest) were unable to produce a better DT out of the 750+ produced by NCAA at all levels annually!

Thats positive? Maybe if you are an Eskimo fan!

Okay next

You mean out of those two houses full of unsigned players they did not have a descent DT? But to keep this positive it is really nice of the Rider organization to provide two houses for players to stay in real nice! Maybe in the new stadium they could have housing built in so they do not have to walk a couple of blocks to practice!
But here is another good thing 3 wins for them and now they will play spoilers.

Nice to see a positive post, Dog. Too much negativity not good for y'all ! I too have partyed with Riders fans (singing "On Roughriders") and they make going to games a whole lot of fun. :rockin:

I thought it was fitting after all how many of these do we all need to read and we know the reaction that would come of it right! Heck I do not like the riders team nor do I like most of their fans. But this is football you as an opposing fan are expected to not like them. The Stamps get the same thing called "stumps" big deal go for it. But why even discuss it any more right! So it was needed something positive for a change even though like I said after posting this I needed a very good long hot shower :smiley: ! But we have bad apples in every franchise fan base and we have lots of good fans in every fan base that are outthere to support and have fun cheering on their team. I do not believe anyone can say that about rough rider fans or any fans of CFL teams. We should comment not about a specific teams and their fans but say it like it is "drunken football fans ruin it for the good fans of each team in the CFL". I do remember going to games where no booze was allowed or sold those were fun days yes booze still got in but you had no signs of drunks at the game and you as a football fan could watch a game without watching fights and stupidity in the stands. I miss those days of having japanese oranges filled with vodka to keep you warm and the booze hidden. You needed to behave or get thrown out as you stood out if you were a drunken moron. Today in any stadium across Canada these drunken morons are there but they have many friends that are just as bad and drunk. Just my two cents worth but from now on if we discuss fan rudeness or drunkness thats not put the teams name on it just call it stupid fans or something. There is nothing to prove who has the rowdiest fans, loyal fans, most fans etc. Becuase hat is important in the end we are all cfl fans.

All is positive and chill at Taylor Field.

The Watermelons, of course.