Some Teams are Looking To Make Changes

I am not responsible for the accuracy of the following post as they came from fans and media in there respective cities, if anyone has links to support this post please include them!!

After last nights loss to Edmonton Wally was asked on a Vancouver radio station if he was going to make some moved to improve the club ... his response was "We need to do something whether it be release player's, sign free agents or trade certain player's, something needs to be done right now".

Also asked if any of his player's were on the bubble he stated that everyone is on notice and moves are going to happen this week one way or another.

Now these are just rumours from BC fans and media and i take no responsibility for the accuracy of them at all:

BC is apparently looking for a RB to compliment Robertson, another receiver and a couple of defensive players.

BC is looking to move a receiver or 2 and it seems that Paris Jackson is rumoured to be one of those guys. Other names mentioned around the BC fans and media are DB Ryan Phillips. DE Brent Johnson.

If Hamilton should lose this week rumour is MB will be fired as head coach and Greg Marshall will replace him:

Ti-Cats are apparently looking for a RB as well with Cobb on the bubble, a receiver and also a OLINE player and possibly a defensive LB/DB or 2.

On The Bubble - RB DeAndra Cobb, WR Chris Bauman, OL George Hudson, DB Jason Shivers

MB's job is totally safe although i'd much rather have Marshall as HC.The way I see thing's, we should have our staff look like this:

Asst. GM: MB
HC: Greg Marshall
OC: Anyone but Gibson
DC: Rich Stubler
ST: Dave Easley is fine here

Hopefully one of these teams will be willing to strike a deal with us, new scenery would probably be beneficial to both teams.

The ticats dont need a LB or reciever. Runningback and Defensive Back, hell yes we need some help. Cobb is awful and Shiver and Dennis are awful.

MB's job is safe for now, its gibson that should be concerned.

IMO Bauman, Shivers, Palardy are the ONLY problems with this football team.We need to start Matt Carter or Glenn McKay, aka Canadians that can catch.Also, we’ve signed Lenny Wicks who was a college playmaker and has ridiculous speed, why not try him over Shivers?

You guys did have a great defensive back. Unfortunately, you traded him to Edmonton for a guy who had two catches for 24 yards tonight, and who isn't even in the top 30 league-wide in yardage. Meanwhile, Chris Thompson was busy recording two INTs to power Edmonton's comeback victory against the Lions.

Good cover DBs who can make big plays when you need them most don't grow on trees. I saw little sense in the Thompson trade when it happened and I stand by that opinion today.

We needed help on O and still do.Our defense is doing a fantastic job, it's our O that keeps screwing up with the 2 and outs, turnovers and zero point drives.Mann will start paying dividends soon enough(he's done okay so far, 2 td's and a 2 pt cvt).To further improve the O this week, we have to emphasize keeping drives alive and taking off huge amounts of time per drive.Bauman needs to go, no sense in having a pylon wearing a #87 jersey when we can have McKay making outstanding plays left right and center.I believe Bauman's from Manitoba, Winnipeg can have him if they want but i'm sure they have enough water boys at the moment.

its funny when teams lose cuz fans always have a hate on for certain players after a loss, see ppl here would normally be blaming serna but he imo was sp teams player of the game for both teams, booming his punts and his his only fg. maver missed 1. bauman didnt cost u that game. that score actually flattered u guys ALOT.. congi hit 7 field goals.. man oh man... that score flattered u guys really good.

more wrong with hamilton than just the offence, honestly.. when teams are kicking 7 fgs tho and u still lose by 14 15 points... whatever, u know u got slaughtered.

hamilton stood in there with sask for the first half, much like they did against montreal... looked ok for 2 quarters.. just unfortunately sask and mtl played a full 60 mins where hamilton only showed up for about 30 mins. maybe 15 even.

last evening.. BRUCE = offense. a few weeks b4.. thigpen = offense.

more than 1 issue in hamilton right now.

LOL! Even though Hamilton had over 500 yards of offence, and Saskatchewan had less than 400.
Yea, it flattered the ticats real good alright. :roll:

And you should talk about Arland Bruce being our offense last night. Because someone by the name of Terrance Edwards was Winnipeg's whole offence last night.

congi was 7/7.

u lost by 13 and the kicker was 7/7.

score flattered the ticats.

yards this, yards that.. u lost by 13 and the kicker kicked 7 fgs.

Yes you've stated that a few times, but i don't understand how that makes the score flattering. You haven't explained it either, which leads me to think you don't believe the score was flattering either but rather you're looking for something negative to say about the Ti-Cats.

At least 3 of Congi's FGs should have been Rider TDs. That's why the score flattered the Ticats. But we all know shoulda, woulda, coulda doesn't mean anything. I'll let Rider and Ticat fans debate (preferably in their own forums) whether the Riders' offence stunk or the Ticat defence was great on those plays.

LOL ! My daddy smells stonger than your daddy. Mr. 1-4 arguing with Mr. 2-3 about who stinks more or less :roll:

You wanna know why it's on the O and not on the D?Maurice Mann tips it up, picked off, Riders have awesome field position.Ticats hold em to 3.Palardy blocked, awesome field position.Ticats hold em to 3.Riders driving, go for it on 3rd and goal at the one, picked off.Dave Stala tips it up, picked off.Ticats hold em to 3.Chris Bauman drops an EASY pass, Ticats go two and out.Ticats D played awesome, our drives not resulting in points and Palardy's anemic punting ability is what's killing us.Mostly Palardy because the opposing team either get's great field position because he kicks like crap or it gets blocked and they get even better position.Most of the time we hold them to 3 or zero off of that too.Our D is fine.(cept Shivers)

Im not saying one team is better than the other. Clearly the Bombers are playing better football than the Ti-Cats right know just as each teams records show. But i don't think you can say that score was flattering to the Cats. As 15_championships said, take away a couple of dropped balls and the score is even closer.