Some stats & rankings after 9 games

The offence is 6th in scoring with a 23.7 average, right behind Saskatchewan's 25 and B.C.'s 25.3.

The offense is 4th in yardage averaging 390.4

Other interesting offensive stats are Ti-Cats are 3rd in scoring TDs and 4th in 1st downs.

Defence is last in scoring and last in yardage (424)

We are dead last in giving up sacks at 31. The next worst amount is 20!

So, as I've been saying all along, once the lines are tweaked enough to be average our passing game should improve dramatically as should our pass rush and defense.

I really don't think we're that far off once the lines are fixed.

That's like saying "we're close we just need goaltending" or "we'd be a lot better if we just had a couple more staring pitchers..."

That would have been more appropriate during the Maas era.

I'd say QBing is more analagous to goaltending and starting pitching.

I think it's more like needing the 4th liners, the checkers and relief pitching.

But those sack stats are glaring on both sides of the ball, aren't they?

I can't believe we give up so many sacks when we hardly pass the ball becasaue of our dominant running game.

Methinks your stat selection is way too narrow.

How do we rate in "dumb coaching calls"?

And you forget the most important stat: 2-7. To me, that makes all the other stats pretty well inconsequential.

If I was a GM, who would I rather have as my coach? Taaffe or mr62cats? Easy, it would be Taaffe.

Well yes, of course the 2-7 stat overides all others. That goes without saying.

But delving into other stats can tell a story. It’s fun, especially when discussing things football. (Sad when you look at how bad we are defensively right across the board.)

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Can’t help you on bad coaching calls. I’m, afraid that’s too much like figure skating. It’s very subjective and something that can’t really be measured.