Some soccer fans actually want the CFL to fail in Ottawa

Unreal wimp from the TFC Red Patch Boysforum who is probably afraid of his own shadow. He actually wants to see the CFL fail in Ottawa. I don't get it.

[i]They're getting a gridiron football team of tier two standard. Possibly, hopefully, not for long.

They're getting a soccer club, playing on plastic, in the vast, prairie-wide, expanse of a CFL-configured stadium. No wonder Saskatchewanonians love that game. Will produce a less-than-tier-two experience and fail dismally. Then all the CFL advocates and anti-soccer cretins can say 'told you so'.

Melnyk should just go ahead and build out in Kanata. He's got the pockets to outlast Hunt's bunch and can chip away sufficiently at the CFLer's profit margins until they fail.

Then everyone in the Glebe will come out of their leaf-shaded homes, join hands in a big circle around Landsdowne, and start singing 'Wha-Hoo, Wha-Hoo...' like it's Whoville after the Grinch left.

Then burn down the new complex. And soccer in Canada lives happily ever after[/i]

It’s funny Earl (but not haha funny), given that neither sport plays enough games to justify having their own stadium, I would think that a partnership between soccer and football would be something that could benefit both sports. Professional soccer is still an emerging sport in North America, which makes the co-operation look even more natural to me. I don’t know why people feel the need to dump so hard on second tier sports either. I mean, sure, the MLS is top tier in North America, but outside of that, they’re pretty small potatoes, I think. But people come out and support them anyway. So who cares if NASL isn’t the top of the crop? Go out and support it anyway, and some day it just might be. That’s how Vancouver and Montreal got their way into MLS. There’s no reason it can’t work like that in Ottawa, Hamilton, or Edmonton either.

Plus, no matter which league these 6 cities are playing in, they all get to play against each other in the Canadian Championship, as far as I know. That could be fun, I think.

Soccer is right up there with Dodgeball in North America.

If the 100 year old CFL franchises are tier two what does it make the MLS when the "stars" they get have worn out the semi-pro circuits in Europe and the third world ?

As far as Melnyk is concerned he was just trying to keep a monopoly on the entertainment venues around Ottawa.

NO sport can do it alone we need soccer and football to work.If one fail then the whole pr0ject may fail which we can not have.I would not say soccer is with dodgeball put it this way more are playing soccer them hockey in canada and that will just increase.Ottawa alone has something like 70,000 that play soccer.

Yes, to me a healthy approach would be to want a stadium to be used as much as possible to show it was a good investment for both the public and private sectors. In Hamilton I welcome a NASL franchise to help our owner who will probably own the NASL club along with the TigerCats to become more successful. It just makes sense to want to see success for all sports if you're a sportsmen I say whether you like some other sports or not.

If the CFL is not even tier two, what does that make MLS?
I know this is a generalization, but a lot of MLS fans are an insecure and clueless.
I wouldn't even waste my time trying to rationalize with idiots.

So why post this? a letter from one person.
Then we get will get dozens responding and saying they hate soccer and how boring it is etc
Come on guys soccer is here to stay and will only get stronger and football will be he forever too.
I don't want to get into the name calling again.

We need the two sports at the stadium so instead of bashing lets get on board with both.

Take toronto as an exzample alot of fans want no other team playing in bmo field.Last year when the field lacrosse played out of bmo lots of toronto fc fans were very upset.

That's like saying more people are playing golf or even video games then hockey... It does not make it a draw.

Exactly. Soccer is the new kid on the block and instead of building synergy with the existing players they are trying to derail their operations. I don't have a problem with Soccer growing. I just don't think it should at the expense of other sports and we also don't need the type of savage fans that we've seen in England and other places.

Oi! us English arn't that bad really, some just get a bit over excited.

Soccer fans in NA and especially in Toronto, are a very strange lot.
It's nothing more then a niche sport with graveyards full of failed leagues in NA.
Soon the MLS will be yet another.

There are some idiots and jerks in every group. Every forum I visit there are some who want NHL to fail, CFL to fail, soccer to fail, baseball to fail etc. etc. You know better than that, Earl.

Here it was fairly pronounced because Melnyk's proposal turned the thing into a football vs soccer debate. Many soccer fans here feel that is they don't get MLS, then whatever OSEG suggests bringing is not worth bothering for. How they developed this sense of entitlement is beyond me, but there you go.

In fairness, there are a number of CFL fans who have said that the league should never make another attempt in Ottawa too.

So see? TFCfan is right! There are jerks in every group! :wink:

True enough guys, jerks in every sport and every league out there. Yes CRF, it was a shame that the whole situation in Ottawa turned into an us vs them affair. And yet in Vancouver, we have seen the opposite where while fans of both soccer and football might like their own stadiums, the Vancouver people never allowed an us vs them affair to start and they are going to reap the rewards out there. A great example of how it should be done IMHO. Good on Vancouver! :thup:

If Melnyk had any reason to believe that it would be financially viable to do so, he'd have already built his Kanata stadium and planted a soccer team in it.

Fact is that stadium building is not a financially viable business proposition which is why you rarely (if ever) see a fully privately funded stadium/arena etc.

I seem to recall that Melnyk's Kanata stadium complex plan was very similar to the Lansdowne project in that in contained mixed use retail/residential/entertainment complexes with civic and government assistance to fund the project.

TFC fans (and their ilk) seem very quick to criticize our so-called "Second-rate" league, while fiercely defending their own second-rate league. There is no good reason why the two sports cannot co-exist in one facility, especially two sports that would only combine for 25-30 game days in a year.

To be sure, it's not all TFC fans.

There is no good reason why the two sports cannot co-exist in one facility, especially two sports that would only combine for 25-30 game days in a year.
Not to mention the fact that the field size is more or less the same for both sports. There are ranges for the lengths and widths for soccer fields, but the Canadian football field size, not including end-zones, falls within those ranges. IFAB dictates a specific size for international matches which is actually larger in area (slightly longer and a bit wider), than CFL fields.

My thing was hearing soccer enthusiasts referring to canadian football as a sport of the past while soccer is the sport of the future. In what way could longevity be considered a negative??

True.. the history and tradition CFL has should always be looked as positive, esp the century old Grey Cup. If I had to guess though, the thought process some people have on this is that the league should be doing better financially by now and with the league value/expansion fee. The perception (reality?) that the league used to be a money-loser in the near past and some teams still do doesn't help either. Some also see CFL having 8 teams after all these years as a negative. Not saying whether I agree with them or not .. just doing some mind reading.

No, I think you're totally right. The negative image of the past is tough to shake. I have had two co-workers joke about how CFL players have to get "real jobs" to make ends meet.

There's also a simplictic view of several issues. How often do you hear "Put a team in Halifax" as though it's never occured to anyone before and like it's just that easy. That the league can't go there yet is seen as a knock against the league when there's nothing the league can do about it. What Cohon did for Ottawa, speaking on behalf of the league and to its success, is about the extent of it.