Some Saturday morning musings

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Tiger-Cats steeling themselves for another season of mediocrity

Hamilton team hasn't won a Grey Cup since 1999, but is hoping to become contenders soon

By Mike Beamish, Vancouver Sun October 22, 2011 3:09 AM

Sportswriter Jim "Shaky" Hunt used to say...

Some Tuesday morning musings on some of the things that amuse, confuse

and even amaze a fellow in the wonderful world of fun and games."

..the glory years for the Tiger-Cats, when steel was king, are so long ago now

that a whole generation of Hamiltonians has come and gone

without knowing that "Ticats" symbolized something besides losing and mediocrity.

Though home to the Canadian Football Hall of Fame, Hamilton has won only one Grey Cup in the past 25 years,

that occurring in 1999, the last time the Tiger-Cats were in the championship game.

That really takes some doing, or not doing, considering that the CFL has only seven other teams.

ouch! Let me muse on this Saturday morning that

I am amazed and confused but not amused that the Ticats have been

so far down the pecking order in the CFL for twenty five years

The wonderful world of fun and games in the CFL

hasn't been wonderful for Ticats fans for a long time.

only one Grey Cup in the last 25 years...that sounds a lot different

than the one Grey Cup win every decade we always brag about.