Some Riders fans are so "classy"

Listening to the Lions after game show tonight in Vancouver, and had to listen to two looser’s call in say how great the riders are.

What are these guys nine years old?

Hey, put down the beer, and go get your grade four equivalency level.

They say the riders are the only game in town…but it seems like this is the only thing to do in this town!!

You mean they werent throwing beer at the radio OMG.

At least they weren’t waving their shortcomings at you. :wink:

That doesnt make sense nice try thou. :stuck_out_tongue:

Too funny. I was at that game. They apparently banned cans after that....until they brought them back next year. Which proves my point of bad decisions that are made by some out here in riderville.

Haha, I heard that too, "Number four reason... Riders are going to win in two weeks!!!" Kind of out of the blue.

But it should be a good game, and I hope they fill up those empty seats...

Ya it should be a decent game if both teams show up. The stands should fill up as the more educated rider fans will show because the type of fan I am talking about will have to make a decision about spending money on beer or a plane and game ticket....SPOILER, he will go for the beer every time! Guys like this probably can't find Vancouver on a map anyway.

I bet the seats were more plentiful tonight because it was TO and the Nucks were playing tonight.

You obviously didn't hear about the Rider fan who pulled out his ***** and was waving it around at the Banjo Bowl.

BTW, the reference to "shortcomings" was a nod to David Niven's comments at the Oscars years ago when a streaker ran across the stage.

A Lion thread bashing Rider fans about lack of class.

Why do I forsee this deteriorating and getting locked?

Us Banjo pickin inbreds from the crotch of Canada may be classless, but at least we're not trolls.

Speak for yer self im so inbred I actually look like a troll. Come grow up why dont you call into the drew remenda sports show then I mean nothing is stopping you here is the number 1-877-332-8255 monday to friday 6-8 pm why dont you call in and say how great you lions are. Agree with zbest 100%

Don't most call in shows have some sort of a delay to weed out these types?

Even more classless is someone who comes on this forum to troll about another team's fans. :thdn:

majority of fans are not like this.

unfortunately, every team has these sort of morons.. :frowning:

How is it considered classless to call in to a call in show and support your team? Do the lions only allow lions fans to call in to these things. Unless he was swearing and calling people names. It's funny how the lions win a game without help from the league and all of a sudden lions posters are coming out of the woodwork. How is the basement? Last place and Wally should still need 2 more wins to get that record!

It's true 99.9% i met at the Banjo Bowl were great peeps enjoying a great rivalry.

[url=] ... essful.jpg[/url]

Also just about everybody knows each team's fans have a few who are less than classy. BC fans have plenty, as do Riders, Als etc... The vast majority (+99.99%) are great. As long as one doesn't say "All the ______ fans are jackasses" that's cool, single out the few ones who're idiots.

Well it fills the board so the real teams fans can't get through for one. I for one don't care for riders one bit to waste my time calling in these sort of things. Going on about the Lions win last night without the refs help just shows disrespect...and lacks class, kinda of what I'm talking about. I agree most of the rider fans are class acts (except for those beer tossing SOB's )it's just that it gets a little over done. Yes the riders are everywhere as people have moved to Calgary, Vancouver etc. Yes it's only a one horse town. We get it. It's just that it's getting old

Funny thing is, if the rider fans had stayed away from the thread, it would have died a quick and deserved death.

Rider fans stay away from a thread about Riders fans ha not in your life

Then don't bitch about what you read... :smiley: