Some rider fans ain't going to like this.... if you are one of them don't read this okay?...fair warning, it will only get you riled up and frustrate your day....

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the war of words
got to love it
there are many in the league people love to hate
Lewis has point thou
so it wouldnt be personal if our db knocked him into next week after a 4 yard
i just wish i didnt have to wait 3 more days

wow... Lewis shoots his mouth off like it was an automatic weapon! no off switch !

jee, wasn't it Lewis and Copeland who hardly had a thing against the Riders in that 30-14 loss???

jee.. perhaps Lewis should be more concerned about getting ANY passes.. rather than what he's yapping about!

He's just making himself a bigger target.. i'm sure Eddie Davis will have love to have this posted in his locker.. gonna make Lewis look .. oh wait?? Where'd he go? --- INVISIBLE!

...I warned you....and you forgot to preface every sentence with 'jee', that'll cost you marks...C+.....

ok Grammar boy.

haven't you got a job or something to worry about?

...nope, slow day...too bad for you....but I am going out soon to check out some motorbikes so there will be a small break in me riding you hard while I ride something else hard....

oh, so now you're Gay, hitting on me???


i'm flattered, seriously but I am into women only RW... :wink:

...and that gets you a 24 hour ban, now I can have the whole afternoon test driving bikes.... much more prophetic could this thread's title be?....

HAHAHA i love this article, and its nothing but the truth. they all whine cause he celebrates. my question is why are they watching him celebrate? If hes catching first downs obviously they are NOT doing their jobs LOL, and dwight anderson is amazing lol i think they should interview him every week :smiley: and when i saw this how did i know it would be THAT guy all over it hahahaha

This is one Rider fan who was looking forward to some good ole trash talking between the two teams. Helps to whet the appetite, hone the anticipation for the big game. I must say that Nik did have a very good come back to the Rider taunts about his celebrations.

Did you really ban him? If I call you super-duper gay, and say that he made me do it, will you ban him for longer?

I'd like to see any DB knock Lewis into next week. The guys a tank when he has the ball, he's a punishing runner and I'd be more worried about your DB's getting knocked into next week.

I love the trash talk! Hey Nik is right, if we can't stop him then that is on us. I won't blast Nik for this as I cheer for a team who had a certain QB who would flex running 5 yards on a 2nd and 20 QB draw thinking he won the Grey Cup..ugh. He doesn't gesture towards the bench. He doesn't do anything offensive so what is the big deal. He is a top notch reciever in this league and we should be worried about trying to cover him rather than what he does after he catches it. It is part of the game and let him celebrate when he wants. There is a chance to go to the Grey Cup here, who cares about Trick Lewis. Besides, he can't seem to find the endzone this year so he has to get some celebrations in :wink:

Here's hoping to a GREAT west final Calgary! :thup: :thup:


"Some Rider fans aren't going to like this...."?? With the banning of cflisthebiggestego, I would wager that this thread will result in the rest of us being pretty okay with the outcome thus far...

It could be thread of the year.....

I had a little chuckle when he said the Riders know who the better team is. Considering the stamps have yet to beat the Riders this season, I would say the Riders are the better of the two teams going into this game. Love the smack talk, but coming from a guy with only one touchdown catch the entire season I think it is a little bit much. Do your talking on the field with your play.

Was there really a 24 hour ban on this guy or was that just part of this mutual trash talk.


Is he a relative of yours? Welcome to football, lots of trash talking!

You banned him for 24 hours? Geez where will I go to get insulted and have bad name calls at me..... :roll: