Some recognition for the Ticats Organisation

I was aware of the story of Chris Knox and indeed was moved by the show of support by the "Riders Fans" and the "CFL fraternity" as a whole.

However, because of other football related concerns, this story seems to have got "buried" over on the CFL forums.

There is an entry in this forum that would be of particular interest to TICAT FANS, because of the intervention of the Ticats organisation.

I ask that you read this forum through!

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Nice move by the Ticats :thup:

Very nice. Its a shame that some people wish to spead lies about volunteers tho.
How low can you go

Well done to the Ticats! I think that they did it for all the right reasons and not the recognition but now that they are found out I think they deserve a hearty pat on the back.
The linked articles were a great story. particularly got goose bumps from the Star Phoenix article.
Probably the greatest recognition belongs to the two organizers who were described as Angels.
I think Saints would be a better description.


We've had so much negative stuff come down really puts some things in perspective!

I'm not surprised by this in the least. I'm proud of the organization. It's clear that they did this to help out and not for any kind of recognition. Good job!!

Kudos to the Ticats organisation :rockin:

Bravo to Bob and everyone else involved!

This was a wonderful gesture on behalf of the
Hamilton Tiger Cats and others.

It makes me feel proud to be a fan as well as a Hamiltonian.

The best human kindness from people, as in this case, generally evolves from people and organizations working behinds the scenes to make good thing happen.

They expect nothing in return for their efforts and make this a much nicer world.

Condolences to the Knox family. I share your grief in losing someone so young and vital.
Chris has left his mark on all of us.

A bittersweet story.

Just one question. I must be very tire for I've read the threads 3 times (including links) and I'm missing the reference to exactly what the 'Cats did. Would someone point this old fella' to the right post?

They donated 13 Grey Cup tickets allotted to them to allow this to happen :slight_smile: