Some recent changes to the forums

I thought this thread was to discuss recent changes i.e. the Lounge section as mentioned in the OP?

My bad... but PM'd you

This thread is to discuss structural changes to the website, not the subject you raised…pm received


Or simply deprioritize it so that it shows up after all the team subforums etc

I kinda agree on both sides; I think banning offtopic outright is silly yet I also understand those who only care about the football side of things and use other forums for nonsense posts

I am amazed at how thin skinned some people appear to be though


What is so special about 4 downs?

Why not have 5 or 6 downs

Fans want offence dam it

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Oddly enough as those of us around years know, this idea of going to even more than four downs rears its head every off-season in those rules changes threads.

And of course some know that those are rugby league rules with their maximum six tackles per possession or effectively six downs. Ah slow time, we digress once again.


Thank you for your clarification


ten downs!

This is true.

I'm sure you could add some features where you ignore entire sections such as off topic or add warning features so that those who don't want to see it don't have to.

To me I know certain parts of the site are cesspools already, such as the Ticat section. I don't necessarily need to put the section on ignore as I rarely read over there anyway but that option could be available

Admin Note:
all of the most recently requested changes have been implemented and i won't be doing anything more than tweaking existing functionality. any further changes i make going forward will be rolled out with separate topic announcement before hand so we can discuss them and guide users on how they work.


You can already do this and I have had this set since shortly after joining the forum. You can go into preferences and then tracking. Just select the topics you want to see and mute the rest. They then won’t appear on your view of what I call the main board. GGirl can explain it better than I can.


Way ahead of me then..

Thank you


yes the tracking functionality is a bit confusing on how to use, i admit. i think i will make a thread about it because i think many users aren't even aware of it.


it is obvious we need a CFL forums specific User Manual. i will attempt to address this somehow. it may be in the form of a functional FAQ, which we don't have for some reason.



if you have any questions about how to use any of the forum features, please post them in the Help Desk category.