Some recent changes to the forums

ok so i was made an interim admin today, and i made some changes to the forums that many of you may have already noticed. theses include:

  • increased Likes threshold

  • new Lounge forum for all off topic activity. (the old one that was under cfl talk has been removed and topics that were in it are now in the Lounge)

  • new Canadian University and Grassroots football forum for amateur canadian football content.

  • renamed the Other Leagues and Sports forum and changed the description

  • reorganized forum listing and hierarchy, and changed some of the forum colour codes.

  • removed blank ad space at top of main page

  • made some very subtle color changes to the menu highlighted colors in the dark theme because some members complained that it was hard to see at times

please let me know if you have any issues with the changes made, or if you have other suggestions we should perhaps consider.

update: additional items that have been added or changed:

  • imported a header icon link plugin to existing themes and put football icon with link to top of forum header

  • changed background highlight colors of drop down menu items to be easier to read in Light themes for desktop and mobile

  • updated both themes with new pallets

  • made some changes to Likes count related Badges

  • added a new Help Desk category under Forum, News, Feedback and Housekeeping. help desk posts do not appear in the parent forum.


Yeah!! Stuff that should have been here long ago.

Like all the changes so far. Thanks for your work @GridironGirl


we should have more graphics. If someone gets 5 likes a video of fireworks should go off. If a game is going on, the touchdown celebration should automatically flash across our screens etc.etc.


I request that they pay you and put you in the spot permanently.


hah i was thinking of enabling some emoji reactions


i really want to add CFL team emoji that @Grover suggested but i cannot find suitable team logo images with transparent backgrounds that the forum recognizes. they work (i tested already), but they put a white square around the emoji when used in the dark colour theme.

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I could live with the white square.

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I didn't get a chance to ask this question because the thread got locked but what is the new limit for "likes"? If I recall the previous limit was 50 so I am wondering by how much was it increased?

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x 2 for 100


i also added a mod tool for us to keep track of naughty things users do but regular users can’t use it lol.


thanks for the confidence vote!

just to be clear, this is a team effort and i was just the person doing the changes. we discuss the changes behind the scenes and other mods made suggestions too. @disciplineandpunish in particular was very helpful with the forum re-organization. and thanks to @MattL91 for facilitating and allowing us to make changes.


also, the new Canadian University and Grassroots forum was @Capital_Dave's excellent idea that he has been wanting for a while. i like that we have amateur canadian football separate now.


I do not understand why a CFL logo with the text "Canadian football league" right beside it on the top left of all pages do not link to...the CFL main page !


because it is the link to the parent forum main page. going there means you have to go to the forums option on the cfl site to come back. but i'll see if it will let me add a link to on one of those header elements. i don't have folder admin access so i can't change file code.


Nice. That should fix it. :+1:

It was mostly a problem during the mega-gameday threads or important events such as Free Agency.

100 "Likes" should be more than enough.


As do I.

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link at top right now.


updated the menu background colors for the light theme so they are reddish again instead of grey (both desktop and mobile views).

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i added a new Badge for the higher daily likes threshold but i think it is currently conflicting with the Badge for using all likes up (regardless of the threshold setting). what that means is that people who already have that badge will also get the custom 100 likes badge, so i need to find a work around on that one.


btw if anyone has any idea on new custom badges for member accomplishments, please suggest it. if it is something that an be measured or tallied, i can probably make a badge or award for it.

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