Some reasons why Riders lost to Argos

Let me list a few reasons--for discussion:

--too many penalties and turnovers
--changes to O-line makeup
--no Williams, Dressler, Sheets
--Toronto made fewer mistakes when it mattered and more plays when it counted
--Toronto just beginning 3 straight games out West and were hungry to make a good start
--Toronto was better in the trenches on both sides of ball

Riders need to regroup for BC and get some key players healthy again

yes, on the last play, the riders must know toronto is goig to blitz, darian has been in that spot 4 or 5 times going back to last year and always gets sacked. either the offensive line isn’t wht they keep saying it is, or they need to come up with 2 different plays in that situation, so darian can get rid of the ball in 2 or 3 seconds, he can’t drop back and look around, it’s taking to long to get rid of the ball. it has to be 1, and 2 nd gone. better to try something than get sacked all the time. go riders

A huge reason is they are predictable in a bad way. Everyone knows what they are going to do before they do. Time for some new plays. I would have went to Geroy after seeing that one handed catch under double coverage.

All valid points. On the 2-pt conversion, that play really pissed me off. Earlier in the year McHenry would run a flat route in the red zone and he was a beast. When there's that many guys in the box SEND HIM ON A DAMN FLAT!!! You would think that after WPG blitzed us into a coma last week that you'd know that's what every team is going to do, so why not gameplan all week that way??? Also I think Best being hurt is HUGE right now. Neufeld is not what we thought he was a year ago. Guy is getting beat no matter where he lines up. And yes, other teams know what we're going to do now. Seems like ever since our bye week they've known. Think maybe other teams took that time to figure it out??? We need to come up with something new and fast! DD has to stop throwing into double coverage and forcing the ball deep and Getz needs to stop letting the ball ricochet off his hands on every other play, as well as Johnson. Things have to change fast or BC will kill us next week and before you know it, we'll be leap frogged by them as well.

On a sidenote, you could really see us missing Rey in the last 5-10 mins of this one. I think he would usually be the guy to say Ok we can't break here, or make a huge play and keep the guys pumped. I know part of the problem with our D falling apart was they were on the field too long but I'm sure Rey being gone was a big part of it.
Also if I have to hear another TSN commentator talk about how we're facing all these distractions one more time I'm going to snap. I felt like Gord Miller was wearing an Argos jersey in the booth, just seemed like he was hoping for them to come back the whole game.

One of the biggest factors was that the Riders did not dress a back up half back. This may have been overlooked because of the big plays that Neil Hughes had made but when it came down to needing a halback to grind out some yards there was no one and made the Riders very one dimenentional.
Choosing Jackson as the returner also placed him in a position to be a back up DB. The Riders also then dressed Ferri also as a back up DB but needed in the dime package. leaving both Sanders and Garret scratched.
Too important not to have a back up tailback especially when your offense uses the running game as much as the Riders.
More of a reason why coaches are looking to expand rosters.
Most teams are carrying extra players on the one game IR that are not hurt but are just an extension of their roster and coaches will make the decision early in the week of who to roster and who to one game. Then bring the 46 in this case Dressler a game day decision was scratched for injury.
Could be agreed upon by everyone during the new CBA that at least 2 more roster spots be added as players are getting paid and part of the Cap anyway sitting on the one game and not injured. 4 would probably be a better number making it 46 to dress and 4 to scratch but a comprimise of 44 to dress and 4 to scratch. Adding one NI and one import.
Another import could assure two half back RBson the dress roster and one NI could assure that seperate kickers and punters be able to dress.
The Qulity of play has never been better but adding these two spots could clean up the quality even more

yes, on the last play, the riders must know toronto is goig to blitz, darian has been in that spot 4 or 5 times going back to last year and always gets sacked.
I agree with ed on that for sure. Seems like everyone in Sask except the Riders knew TO was going to blitz on that play. I'm not sure I agree with rob that we lost in the trenches on both sides of the ball. I thought the D line held it's own and put quite a bit of pressure on Collaros. We definitely lost the battle on offense though. Almost as badly as last week.

Every other team manages to have 2 HB on the 42...this argument is pretty weak.

They had Sisco, Sanders, Dressler all on the 46...why? 6 SBs...really? 3 middle Linebackers? A dedicated returners? There is LOTS of room to adjust this. Sheets has not had a laggit backup since Sanders went out...that is beyond ridiculous.

Dump a FB and dress an extra HB...what is more important? McHenry can come in as a FB easily if needed.

True maybe I should not have mentioned about the expanding of the rosters but still should have a back hup Half back on the 42. With all of the rotating going on and special packages it is not quite as easy. Toronto did not do it until Kackert was hurt and had to use Durie at TB to finish a game. Last season Hamilton had the same thing happen as the Riders the game Walker got hurt.
Some teams are able to have a back up becuase he is a hybrid such as Sanders was and others either have a starting Canadian RB or a back up.
I can bet it will not happen again if sheets is ok to start I would bet that either sanders or Garrett will be dressing as well. If Sheets can not go it will be both Garrett and Sanders.

never shoulda happened beyond at best 1 game

For sure. Sanders did have a really bad game returning the ball but before that I thought he was doing a good job. Jackson has been through this before and although he has looked good but ultimately he also had struggled at times in the past.
I think BC learned the lesson the best by trying to replace Tim Brown with what they thought would be a more dynamic returner and ultimately Brown who was great last season is back to returns and does a great job as a back up RB.

I only really agree with the first one. How many penalties? 17?? being a Rider fan obviously I lost track around 12 or 13. They had 7 at one point IN THE FIRST QUARTER!

And speaking of that first quarter - message to the Riders: those first 15 minutes with the blue guys in the field was NOT the warmup! That part counted. So did the 4th quarter.

With all of the lame excuses, 2 bad snaps, dumb throws, and terrible penalties, they still had an 11 point lead after 3 quarters. This loss had nothing to do with injuries or oline changes. Argos were more than beatable. Riders had them by the nuts and let em up off the canvas.

Yes the first PI on Miller in the endzone was bogus. yes, the replay booth was horse shit all night. They still had that win in the bag even with the foot half down on the throttle. There's no excuse for blowing that, especially offensively. 2 weeks in a row the opposition has 30 yards of offense in the first half, and 2 weeks in a row they honk the game. Riders lost because they played football for 30 minutes (the middle 30) and played tiddly winks the other 30.

All this talk lately that the Riders play down to their opposition. It works both ways. When they were 5-0 everybody noticed. They all watch film and they all PLAY UP to the Riders. Has Edmonton played a better game all year than they did last month 30-27? How about the Bombers. They sure sucked balls in Edmonton yesterday but they played way over themselves in 2 games against Sask. Expect that the rest of the way. If the Riders play like they did the last 2 games next week, Lions will chew them up and spit them out by 40 Lulay or not.

This team needs to smarten up or they'll end up 10-8 and bounced in the first round.

Damn straight.

We are far to predictable , rolling out and moving DD is fine as long as you throw a backside screen every now and again , other wise the defence will just cut your field in half , and why did we get away from Neil running the ball , and I don't know how many times I seen him open for the screen , when Chris Jones' defence is coming at you like that slow them down with the screen , samething happened in Winnipeg.

They lost because of penalties and poor execution. When they go back to look at film, they will see they left a lot of plays on the field. DD had opportunities with wide open guys but seemed to be forcing the ball into tight coverage in a lot of situations. At the end of the second half, he throws a pick into double coverage, and Taj Smith is wide open on the sideline behind his defender

The penalties and the bad snaps lost our momentum... It seemed every time the team came up with a big play to seize momentum, a mistake would happen and it was gone again.

I agree with other posts that if there ever was a time to go into a lull, it is now. But these guys need to get focused, learn from their mistakes, and play 60 minutes of football.

We have an 8 - 3 record, and this team has only played a full 60 minutes of football on about 3 maybe 4 occasions...

Play the full game, and get disciplined and we will be fine. But now is also the time to stop talking about it, and go on the field and do it!

biggest reason is Durant is not a quality QB
-he can't read the blitz
-he needs too much time to make a throw
-He has tunnel vision
-he is inaccurate
and last but not least a great athlete but not very intelligent

I'll admit he is not good at reading the blitz, and gets tunnel vision at times...that's about it.

His accuracy is acceptable, and improved every season
He needs time to throw because they go deep so often, which also effects his accuracy numbers. It is not him who is calling the deep ball, and sorry...they take time to develop. Somebody like Ray or AC have great numbers because the majority of their passes as quick hitters.

Austin himself said that Durant was perhaps the most intelligent QB he ever worked with, so did Miller. Coming from Austin, that is a pretty big compliment.

Former head coach Kent Austin told me before the 2007 season started that Durant was perhaps one of the most intelligent quarterbacks he had ever been around and that while he didn’t have the arm, he had the brain and more importantly, he had the attitude of a winner.

Haters gonna hate. :roll: