Some Random Predictions

Well, Chief, positives and negatives as I see it so far.

Positive; ET has a good track record of getting a team's fortunes turned around for the better rather quickly.

Negative; I can't say I'm overly impressed with his personnel moves so far. . . no real disagreement with the players he's chosen to release, but he hasn't made any big splash (yet) with a significant new signing or a major trade, and I had thought we'd have seen one or both of those by now.

I agree with you about the moves. I certainly haven't agreed with every move he's made so far. I'll take a wait and see approach. One thing he seems to be doing is going after all new talent.

I like Cobourne as leading runner.

Montreal wins the East. Calgary the West. It will be a Montreal-Calgary Grey Cup. Montreal will win the Grey Cup 42-17.

You can all congratulate me on my prediction in late November 2011!

Calgary wins the West goes to the cup - Frankly they should have made it this year IMO, a veteran squad that just picked up some young talented receivers with a good set of coaches

Sask takes 2nd and wins the quarter west semi - A couple of improvements, but they did lose Fantuz. I think there is going to be a bit of a learning curve with Greg Marshall as the head coach.

BC - They strike me as still in QB limbo and I just don't see much of a running game going on. That and Wally Buono is getting older so I expect a very conservative style of play that might hamstring them.

Edmonton - A very young team that is still rebuilding, I would expect a early or mid season breakdown followed by a last minute rush into the playoffs with BC.

Montreal - Wins the East but drops the ball at the East Final - Calvillo showed a little bit of age last season, and he will likely show a little bit more and wear down near the end of the season. Cahoon is gone, and while I do like DeAndra Cobb, he is no Avon Cobourne.

Hamilton - Makes it to 2nd or 3rd in the East and hopefully goes to the cup - Very few losses and instant upgrades in Avon Cobourne, Justin Medlock and Rey Williams would lend towards improving, but new coaching staff makes me nervous.

Toronto - Makes it to 2nd or 3rd in the East - Jyles is an upgrade from Lemon, but few improvements seen to the receiving core mean shutting down Boyd and Owens is still the way to beat them.

Winnipeg - The success of the bombers is linked to the health of Buck Pierce. I don't think it's going to be if he gets hurt, it's going to be when. Once that happens, game over. The Bombers have gotten a bit better on Defense but still lacking in receiver depth. Fred Reid and Terrence Edwards will continue to carry the offense and they will have a lot of close games, but they won't be able to seal the deal. They might crossover if BC and Edmonton severely drop the ball, but I don't see it.

Oh?Ticats have pretty much JUST finished rebuilding, Eskie’s are JUST beginning, the Bombers are 1 year in, the Argo’s are about 3 or 4 years in now, what’s so hard to believe?Average rebuilds in the CFL are 4 or 5 years, in the NFL they can be anywhere from 10 years and up.Replacing your entire roster for newbies isn’t going to get you an all-star calibre player from each and every guy.Trust me.I’ve seen it first hand.alot of these guys play for 1 year, keep 2-3 of them, 15 or so get released and a new batch is brought in.Rinse, repeat and in 3-4 years the esk’s are elite again.

I’d say the Argos have actually re-started their rebuild. And it won’t take 3-4 years for the Esks. I can guarantee you that.

You are probably right, it will take closer to 7-9. :lol:

There 5 Questions in Hamilton
(1) How will new DC and OC do
(2) will OLine be better at Run Blocking
(3) Have ticats fix the kicking game
(4) How will DB's be this year in a New System
(5) Can Glen Stay Healthy

If the Ticats don't get right answers to these questions they'll miss the playoffs..
with IMO will be an 11 loss season with only 7 wins

if they get the right Answer we could see a challenger for 1st in the east.

Actually the nfl has several teams over the past decade that have gone from worst to first in their division from one season to the next. New Orleans, Atlanta, Seattle, Cinci in 09, lots of them. Free agency helps that league quite a bit.

Yes but these changes take time, their records went from worst to first but it was after much careful rebuilding, not 1 random season where they filled their entire roster with nobodies and it worked to perfection.

Really you think CFL teams are just randomly picking guys?
Anyway I’m just reacting to your comment that it takes 10+ years to rebuild in the NFL. No biggie

That’s not what I meant, you don’t just fill your roster with nobodies and BANG whaddaya know, we won the grey cup!
Like I said up top, when you start rebuilding you clean most of the roster.Then you bring in a couple FA’s, and a boatload of rookies.Out of those rookies, 4 maybe 5 will survive, and the rest will be cut.Then next season you do the same thing until you have a solid locker room, solid coaching staff and a winning atmosphere.It takes time.

No doubt…again just reacting to your statement that it takes 10+ years in the NFL. Not so if you believe records…and a team is what their record is.
Nobody allows a 10 year rebuilding time. But i guess it depends on whether competitive is the goal or is it just winning the Grey Cup or Super Bowl.
But I agree it takes time

Look at the Bills, Saints, etc.It takes much longer in the NFL, some teams get lucky.Like Detroit, they’re about 1-2 years from being a serious threat in that league.I was more or so arguing the point that chief was laughing and saying 3-4 years in the CFL does not happen and will not happen for the Esk’s.It does and likely will.

could be…
what seems to be the case is once a great team for years falls they are down for awhile.

Something tells me the Esks will win another Grey Cup before the Riders do.

That I can agree with.

Exactly, and things can be catastrophic like it was for Hamilton and 10 years of football hell.

Rebuilds should not take 3-4 seasons in the CFL....

2004 CGY 4-14
2005 CGY 11-7 and pretty much a top 2 team in the West since then.

2009 TOR 3-15
2010 TOR 9-9

2003 HAM 1-17
2004 HAM 9-8-1 (although this didn't last since they reverted back to their losing ways in '05 until recently)

2005 WIN 5-13
2006 WIN 9-9
2007 WIN 10-7-1 (Grey Cup appearance)

Just because it seemingly took Hamilton 5 or so seasons to "rebuild" doesn't mean it is the norm at all in the CFL. Huge changes or successful "rebuilds" can happen in just one off-season(or two). Doesn't necessarily mean I think the Esks will be much improved this coming season though, in fact I disagree with a lot of the roster moves made thus far.