Some Random Predictions

Ah…its early but here are some personal predictions:

MVP: Buck Pierce: Winnipeg ( ya I know, if…)
Rushing leader: Whitlock: Edmonton
Receiving leader–yards: SJ Green: Montreal
Defensive MVP: Elimimian: BC

Western Champ: BC ( most coaching continuity outside of Calgary who lost key personnel)
Eastern Champ: Hamilton

Hamilton the Eastern champs. :lol: Oh Flag, I think you need to have your meds checked with some of those predictions. :wink:

I think Hamilton has a better chance of winning the East than Pierce does of winning the MOP. But that's just me... :lol:

Nothing to say on the Lions winning the West prediction, Chief?

:lol: I was thinking Winny before I took Ham town.

A poster at the Bombers forum found a little bit of trivia. The previous two times that the Conservatives won a majority government was 1984 and 1988 - both years the Bombers won the Grey Cup. :wink:

now i need my meds.

Well, it likely won't be Edmonton, so whatever. :lol:

Stand a better shot than Winterpeg.Have fun battling with the Argo's and Esk's for next years first round pick :lol: :wink:

yeah, but 88 was a fluke :wink:

I like your Grey Cup prediction. Would be an interesting matchup. Last team to win on home turf was the BC Lions in 1994....what also happened that year, you ask? The Canucks went to the Stanley Cup finals.

There you go, Lions are a lock to hoist the holy grail.

But in 1994 the Canucks came up 1 goal short of the Cup - This year will be their year and as such no home field grey cup for you ... sorry lol

Need to check your meds too, 15. There are 8 first round picks next year - no need to fight for them - Montreal even gave theirs up voluntarily. :wink:

Yeah, who actually thought the Conservatives had a chance at a majority that year. :wink:

Yeah! It sure is funny how some random act outside of fooball can affect the outcome in football. Like, who would have thought the last time the riders won a Grey Cup was the last year they made arithmetic a requirement in schools in Sask.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I'm sorry is Montreal taking the 2011 season off or something or do they just all the sudden suck, theier winning the east nuff said lol

TYPO :lol:
meant first overall pick *** :smiley:

It's surprising you could make that mistake. Typing that should be automatic for Ticat fans considering how much experience you have with holding the 1st overall pick. It's 3 times in the last 5 seasons, right. :wink:

yep :thup:
And finally it's paid off just like it will for the Bombers in good time.This year I don't see too much from them but next I see them as a serious threat to win the east.Eskies are another 3-4 years away, Argo's, who knows.All depends on if Jyles can stay healthy and if Barker can keep riding the luck train until he get's a real team assembled.

I'll take you up on the above quote there 15_championships, and thus I say it will happen sooner than that.
GO ESKIES GO - Prove it to me. :rockin:

Been a while since a 13 joke made me laugh. Nicely done, sir. :smiley:

I agree. The Esks won’t be in the Grey Cup this year, but 3-4 years? This is the CFL. You need to rebuild a little faster than that. :lol: