Some promising news on C-19 Vaccine: Pfizer mRNA vaccine may have 90%+ efficacy

With Dr. Fauci I believe present, via CNN on Saturday 30 January the reports are that the situation with the South African variant is worse in these regards as otherwise the UK variant is contained by existing vaccines.

And for the Brazilian variant, well after hearing last Sunday via Reuters about the third variant, I'm afraid folks that many more bets are off now. It's going to be a fight ALL year now.

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Anybody in the canola business out west? Here's a rare ancillary benefit from this pandemic for many in Canada.

Usually the story is the opposite given the various adverse negative effects since March, as for my situation though I have been working almost the entire time let alone growing one business and re-starting another one:

Although this is a UK based paper, perhaps it may also apply to a Canadian perspective as well?

85% to 95% sounds good, until you think of it as being 1 - 3 people out of 20 who are vaccinated and come in contact with the virus may still get sick.

Indeed and I am uneasy about this already, for this is best case plus we have the growing unknowns with 2 variants plus any more likely to surface.

Last Sunday when I read the report via Reuters of the Brazilian variant, well when you plot the UK, South Africa, and Brazil on a globe it's not hard to see that the variants are likely not entirely related to travel and so the X-factor is larger than many had anticipated or had hoped in December when there was this talk of full vaccination by the end of summer and "herd immunity" by autumn.

No. It's going to be the whole damn year now at minimum only to get to enough folks and then we shall see into 2022.

This won't be an immediate relief to our vaccine plight but it it's going to help catch up over the summer.

Coronavirus: Canada signs deal with Novavax to make its COVID-19 vaccine at new Montreal facility | CTV News

Funny that they can't make these deals earlier and it needs to wait until constant international shipments keeping us short changed.


"But Novavax's vaccine is likely at least two months away from being approved in Canada, while the NRC facility is still under construction and designed to produce only about two million doses a month. Canada has a deal to buy 52 million doses from Novavax after it is approved by Health Canada."

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They provincial governments and the feds are saying September by the time they have vaccinated the over 65s and the essential workers. Then they can start with the general public.

Thus difficult to have fans in the stands for the CFL this year.

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Last I heard was, We are still on schedule for "ALL" Canadians that want to be vaccinated, will be vaccinated by September

Canada does not have domestic production but Trudeau expects to use doses made in Europe to vaccinate all Canadians who want to be vaccinated by September. Trudeau reiterated Tuesday the European Union reassured him that it will respect Canada's contracts with Pfizer and Moderna. The EU has talked about tightening rules on exports of vaccines.


Hopefully this will be the case.

Thankfully after several months of almost nothing but cruise cancellations we are now seeing the return of bookings. Almost all though are for 2022 sailings.

Some of the luxury lines and river cruise 2022 advanced bookings are so strong (setting records) that many have already launched their 2023 cruises. In fact Regent Seven Seas 2023 World Cruise sold out in 48 hours the other day. There is so much pent up demand the expectation is that after a few more slow sales months we should have very strong sales the latter half of this year.

Latest predictions from the cruise industry 'experts' has a few hopeful that the odd North American marketed ship may be sailing by May but most experts expect a start a month or two later in June or July. Some European marketed ships are sailing again this month in the Mediterranean.

Royal Caribbean has one ship sailing from Singapore for residents of that country only. This video shows some of the incredible new health and safety protocols they are using which should give you an idea of what cruising will look like when it does return,

If Canada can do it all in-house, this is awesome and from here in the US the way we are doing it in a haphazard fashion with no clear plan of distribution still in place let alone consistency across the country, I applaud you for this re-start.

Trust yet verify - good on Trudeau not to take the EU at their word. I'm Italian as well and I sure do not and never will.

Looks like Johnson and Johnson about to be approved, only needs a single shot and the US has bought 100 Million.
Don't know if Canada has bought any.


Pfizer sending 400K doses this week and 475K next week
The health agency says Canada will then receive nearly 450,000 doses per week until the beginning of April,

It'll be difficult for all Canadians that want to be vaccinated to have this done by September as Trudeau claims. But we'll see, hopefully Trudeau's prediction comes true.