Some promising news on C-19 Vaccine: Pfizer mRNA vaccine may have 90%+ efficacy

I wish politicians and anyone on the task force for that matter stop saying that X many people will be vaccinated Y date.

I think this will end up creating unmet expectations as the province and the country for that matter is behind the pace.

Even the US is nowhere near the pace of having 20 million done by the end of the year. They're around 2.5 million so far with just over 2 days to go.

Better to focus on how many vaccinations have been done so far. Over 17K in Ontario to date and just watch the number grow over time. They'll reach the desired number eventually.


3 weeks ago the opposition Government was taking Trudeau to task in the Commons and demanding when the vaccine would arrive in the new year,
we are a month ahead of schedule, a second vaccine is here and they will be testing a 3rd vaccine soon.
This is great news and with what we have been through for the last 10 months it is all very welcome news!!
When retired General Hillier says it will get done, it will get done!

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For sure - a lot can and will go wrong with so many X-factors at hand.

And the people at large / sheeple will not forgive you ever for optimistic forecasts should they go wrong despite your best efforts and even via factors that truly are no fault of your own or any one person's fault.

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Some promising news though it is an early results of the study.

Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine appears effective against mutation in new coronavirus variants, study suggests | CBC News

Moderna and AsrtraZeneca are working on their own studies too. Hopefully they're all effective against these variants as expected.


Government secures another 20M COVID-19 vaccine doses from Pfizer | CBC News

This is on the heels of them declining a 16 million dose option with Moderna. The extra Pfizer doses will come earlier.

This is now enough purchased to vaccinate the entire population.

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:football: :football: :football: :football: :football: :football: the point of this tweet is.......

Surely it's not suggesting that just because there are there will be XX number of vaccines available by a certain date, that it automatically means all games will be sold out?

And that everything in the CFL will be as if it were pre-Covid, and that there was never even such a thing in the first place?

How about, I will try to see a more hopeful side with my posts and try to see a better outcome for this season.
I will leave the doom and gloom to the others.

If 20M Canadians are vaccinated by June to which most will be from the most highly populated areas of the country like Van. Edm., Cgy, Reg., Wpg, Tor, Ham, Ott and Mtl it could bode well for the CFL

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In addition, the CFL games don't have to be sold out to move forward with the season. Even if enough are vaccinated to allow 50% capacity, the economics are better than what they are now. Gives the league allot more options for next year too.


Yes, but it's still going to come down to the provincial premiers giving the go ahead for full stadiums. The premier of Alberta already stated last week that he thinks September is when the majority should be vaccinated.

Anyone catch the comedy show on Global news Ontario .

Journalist : They ask the government for clarification on the new stay at home orders .

Answer ; you need to ask the police to clarify it .

They then go to the police and ask : we don't know we need clarification on it .

LOL it was like a SNL or This hour skit .


Quite possibly the last thing Toronto needs right now!

It's all confusion, the government wants to be seen that they are doing something. Now you need a covid negative test to fly into Canada but Garneau had stated that flying is the safest method of transport and next to no cases have come into Canada.
But you can drive into Canada and you don't need a covid test.

Quebec has a curfew and you can be arrested for being out after 8pm, apparently you can only get covid after 8 at night

But if you walk a covid sniffing dog in Quebec after 8pm the covid gets scared and runs away .

I never thought I would see there day where you couldn't leave your house past a certain time in Canada. Seems like overkill and intimidation

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Lack of proper leadership in Canada . Medical problems with infrastructure and resource problems 10 months in is a lack of leadership in that area .

The number of Beds and those capable of servicing those beds is where the resources should have been where our tax money should have been spent as well as circumvention and first response to the virus on first diagnosis instead of putting everyone on the public purse hoping it will go away with just containment .

Never thought I would see such a bad response to the virus by our elected officials . It's like they are intimidated by the so called experts who have given bad advice from day one .

Fight the virus head on medically first resource wise .

They fell into the trap of watching instead of leading with the second wave .


All leaders of the political parties in Canada at the federal level are fairly weak at best.

At the provincial level, well that's a different topic all together.


I've been watching government crackdowns of protests around the world. There was one showing cops pulling a chair out from underneath an elderly lady who attended an anti lockdown protest. The fact you are now being slapped around at rallies and paying fines simply for participating in an activity protected by the charter is disturbing. Whether you agree with the message or not, people should be able to voice their concerns.

There's the issue of the response. Canadian government has decided to ship money and supplies globally instead of dealing with the issues of LTC facilities. For the amount of money spent on useless things, and the billions spent on ridiculous programs like WE Charities, you'd think they could've done an adequate job in clearing out some of the LTC facilities and not having viruses take out good chunks of the elderly.


it is not the voicing that is the issue, it is the illegal congregating

The Constitution is the law of the land.

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